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Travel at the speed of life

Make every journey an upgrade

Mainline railways uniquely connect passengers with both countryside and urban metropolis alike – bringing us new adventures and rich, visual experiences across the miles.

Striving to deliver excellence in every passenger journey, today’s railways - with the Future X architecture - can effectively and efficiently transform, at all levels.

Secure, safe, on-time and fully connected, the new mainline journey is unique, shared and upgraded.

All aboard.  It’s time to travel at the speed of life.

Architecting the next-generation journey…


Solutions for safe, on-time, connected journeys for your customers.


Outsmart the hackers: Prevent cyberthreats from slowing you down.

Proven performance for seamless modernization

Explore our railway solutions

Mission critical transmission for railways

Resilient and secure IP communication networks for mission-critical and passengers services

Broadband on trains

More bandwidth with Broadband on trains

LTE for railways

Unified broadband LTE network for train operations and passengers

GSM for railways

GSM-Railway ensures safe and reliable operations

Professional railway services

Complete service portfolio for mobile, fixed networks and applications

We are a unique vendor in the industry with a complete Railway communications portfolio including the world leading GSM-R solution, LTE for railways, Broadband on trains, reliable backhauling network and a dedicated professional service team with proven turnkey capability and global presence.

Our highly secure and resilient wireless and fixed communications networks designed for urban, mass transit, main line and freight rail operators are based on industry standards to guarantee interoperability and long term support.

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