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Introducing: Know, now

Know the early signals in the market and what they mean now

Creating positive business momentum in 2021

Ensuring you have the right knowledge to drive your business is essential in a world that never rests.

For communications service providers (CSPs), understanding the early signals that could impact their business is paramount.

Our team has scanned the globe to identify the latest technology, business and societal signals. Uncover the findings in our report, ‘Know, now’.

Introducing Know, now - the early signals in the telecoms market

Six signals to watch


Delivering access from above

High-altitude platforms present an additional option to provide 4G and 5G connectivity, delivering high-speed broadband access to more people.

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Trendspotting report Trend1

adoption of LiDAR


Adoption of LiDAR in devices

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) uses lasers to determine the 3D contours of spaces and ranging of objects. This early signal could spell a new era for mixed reality content and service creation.

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Community-driven economy

User engagement with online communities has been growing steadily, increasing from 72 percent in 2017 to 76 percent in 2019. Due to the pandemic, this number has no doubt grown dramatically this year. The companies finding success are actively creating and curating within these communities.

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Trendspotting report Trend2

80% of people now feel that touchscreen kiosks are unhygenic


Low or no-touch interactions

The impact of COVID-19 has meant businesses re-opening their premises are quickly recalibrating operations to become more automated, contactless and COVID-aware. This action has preoccupied enterprise leaders with figuring out which new behaviors and attitudes are likely to endure beyond the pandemic.

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Digital twins becoming mainstream

The rising adoption of digital twins highlights the importance of virtualized everything. Simulating, exploring and testing without disruption to a real-world object is appealing and has a broad set of use cases.

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digital twins are going mainstream

Trendspotting report Trend3

* CAGR of 54% as per this IDC press release


Spatial web

Players in the mixed reality space realize augmented and virtual reality technology and devices won't work well without 5G. So, they’re starting to partner with CSPs to accelerate the process. This approach brings us closer to realizing the spatial internet – the mapping of our physical world into virtual spaces.

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