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From the Metaverse to the 4th industrial revolution (4IR) and changing societal values, new forces are set to radically transform communications in the next decade. For CSPs, understanding the early signals and taking action are crucial to long-term success.

Our Know, now report covers the key trends across technology, business and society to help you prepare, adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.

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Know, now - Metaverse special edition

The five key trends you need to know



The Metaverse

The Metaverse blends the real and digital worlds into one. Accessed via VR headsets and haptic wearables, it’s a 3D spatial internet that avatars can move through and interact with. World-leading companies will create parallel worlds within the Metaverse where users can play games, access healthcare, learn new skills and participate in the economy. We’ll see the increased use of digital twins, increased demand for digital assets and the ever-growing collection of data for monetization.


global sensors


Emerging devices

Wearable tech and implants will soon be commonplace, enhancing our senses through VR and AR. The use of digital twins and holograms will change the face of retail, healthcare, production and more.

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Digital retail

Innovations in AR, VR, connectivity and data are continuing to change the way we shop. Online is now the new high street, and a digital-first approach is transforming both the consumer experience as well as business operations.

digital retail

sustainable living


Sustainable living

Changes in values are altering consumer behaviour and the business landscape. Investors are assessing all businesses based on environmental credentials and ethical standards. Today, instruments such as green bonds offer considerable incentives to make the transition to a sustainable economy. CSPs need to participate in sustainable initiatives to drive future investments.

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Blockchain is a form of digital ledger used to record contracts or transactions. It works without involving any third party and makes changing or hacking data very difficult, creating new levels of transparency and security. The ground-breaking technology has the potential to transform all kinds of sectors, from logistics to healthcare, government and beyond.


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