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Adaptive Cloud Networking

Revolutionize operations from edge to fabric

The emerging cloud-native and 5G eras are placing tremendous demands on service providers’ network clouds to be more scalable, higher performing and operationally more efficient to meet the demands of next-generation enterprise and consumer services. In addition, the emergence of edge clouds and their network management and automation requirements need to be addressed.

Nokia’s Adaptive Cloud Networking gives you the advanced tools and capabilities you need to transform your cloud network infrastructure to respond to these unpredictable demands. A cloud-native IP solution, Adaptive Cloud Networking supercharges the data center fabric and seamlessly extends operations to the edge clouds. It also allows you to transform your cloud networks into a consumable, agile and automated whole to help you capitalize on the 5G growth opportunity. 

Elements of Adaptive Cloud Networking

Edge clouds

  • Cost effective infrastructure with small
  • Efficient management and automation


  • Carry application data seamlessly across
    the WAN
  • Maintain strict SLAs for application traffic


Data center fabrics

  • Increase scale, capacity and performance
  • Improve operational efficiency with NetOps automation tools
Adaptive Cloud Networking diagram

Benefits and features

The following matrix summarizes the essential benefits that Adaptive Cloud Networking brings to your data center fabric and cloud edges.


Access network data easily and efficiently for greater visibility and control while providing streaming telemetry 


Adapt quickly to the constantly changing scale and performance requirements of the application layer

Automate operations

Revolutionize your operations by automating each phase of the network’s lifecycle

Manage and automate overlay VPNs

Automate overlay VPNs across entire network to assure SLA-based application connectivity

Easy integration

Integrate the data center fabric with major cloud management platforms quickly and easily

Reduce risk  

Reduce operational risk with a digital twin of the network that emulates the live network

Industry recognition

“Nokia’s Adaptive Cloud Networking presents an innovative, scalable, and agile solution to use as the foundation of operators’ cloud-native services”
Paul Parker-Johnson
Paul Parker-Johnson
Chief Analyst and Practice Lead for Cloud and Virtual System Infrastructures, ACG Research

NetOps-based automation tools

Cloud-native implementations are driving the development of increasingly agile and dynamic applications. To adjust to these new demands, modern data center fabrics need to provide more visibility, greater responsiveness, elastic scale, and higher performance.  

Our Adaptive Cloud Networking solution offers a complete set of NetOps-based automation capabilities to satisfy these demands. By Leveraging NetOps principles, the solution revolutionizes your operations by automating all phases of data center fabric operations – from Day 0 design through Day 1 deployment and Day 2+ operations. In addition, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment principles can be programmed to gracefully implement network changes while constantly monitoring the network for anomalies.

Equipped with these capabilities, your data center operations team will be able to simplify operational tasks, increase productivity, improve troubleshooting, and reduce human errors to deliver a more consistent and valuable service. 


What is NetOps and why is it important to CSPs?

Automating the edge cloud

The network edge is critical for delivering the low-latency connectivity and high bandwidth required by emerging 5G enterprise services. With the explosive growth of edge clouds, service providers need new operational tools and capabilities to manage them effectively. Edge locations are space- and cost-constrained, yet need automation to operationalize massive scale and meet strict SLA requirements.

Our Edge Network Controller is a lightweight automation platform built within Kubernetes that gives you all the tools you need to manage and automate the network edge. It provides declarative, event-driven network automation and is ideally suited for the space and CPU requirements of small edge sites. 


Why size matters for edge data centers?

Seamless WAN interconnectivity

In many cases, application traffic must traverse various geographically diverse parts of the network to reach its destination. In some cases, these connections are statically provisioned, but this approach is rigid, operationally expensive, and does not scale. This inter-connectivity across the WAN must be automated.

Adaptive Cloud Networking solves this problem by leveraging intent-based orchestration across the entire network from the edge cloud, across the WAN, and to the data center fabric. Each part of the network leverages its own controller to create intent-based connectivity for its part of the network: Edge Network Controller for the edge cloud, Network Services Platform for the WAN, and the Fabric Services System. The end result is seamless, per-application end-to-end connectivity that maintains SLAs.

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