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Gain a holistic view of your network, services and subscribers

Gain a holistic view of your network, services and subscribers

Deepfield correlates large data sets, infers “hidden” knowledge about your network, services and subscribers, and makes this knowledge available for you to investigate through customized queries and on-the-fly visualizations. This gives you an un-siloed, holistic view of your network, peering and transit, and all CDN flows.

Deepfield can correlate real-time information collected from your network with the Deepfield Cloud Genome® feed. This gives you full insight into how your network delivers your services (from CDN servers within your network) or internet-based application and content services to your end systems, users and subscribers.

Secure your network against DDoS threats and attacks

To combat sophisticated DDoS attacks, you need a more intelligent, cost-effective, scalable and adaptable defense strategy. Our Deepfield security solutions use real-time analytics with intelligence to monitor, recognize and stop DDoS attacks, and provide 360-degree protection both against inbound (external – from the internet) and outbound (internal – from hijacked or malicious devices within your network) threats and attacks.  



Automate your network and operations

The visibility provided by Deepfield solutions brings you previously unattainable insight into your network, services and subscribers. You can use this insight to drive and automate network performance and security. Your automation options range from creation of automated reports and automatic triggering of notifications that meet certain criteria to further integration with your systems and processes.

How it works

how it works

All our Deepfield applications use a common software platform for data processing. They can be deployed on-premises, within your network, or you can deploy them as cloud-based (using the software-as-a-service model).

The Deepfield platform ingests data from many different sources within your network, starting with essential IP flow-related data sets (any xflow data), BGP and SNMP. These data sets can be further enhanced with DNS information (from DNSflow), along with other router, network and telemetry data sets such as RADIUS/AAA, IPFIX and gRPC.

The Deepfield platform can also ingest custom data sets from other network and operational domains, including network management, SDN control, OSS/BSS, customer care, support and billing. We complement the information about your network infrastructure, services, subscribers with intelligence we obtain from the internet in the form of our Deepfield Cloud Genome and Deepfield Secure Genome data sets.

By correlating the information from your network with the Genome data sets, Deepfield allows you to obtain unique perspectives across many data sets and data dimensions. This gives you unique and deep insight into your network, peering and transit, services and the ways in which the content is consumed.

Our data processing capabilities extend well into petabyte range, giving you the scalability and robustness you need for the cloud, IoT and 5G era.

No DPI probes

Our software-based solutions do not require network appliances, probes or deep packet inspection (DPI) to gain valuable insight from your IP network. They get this insight by collecting and correlating information from the internet and from your network. This approach is well suited to ensuring scalability that extends well into the range of petabytes of data. It results in cost-effective scaling without the need for tedious and expensive network probe or DPI upgrades.

Multi-dimensional insight

We process, correlate, analyze and visualize super-large sets of network- and service-related data. You can get unique insights by creating queries that correlate the data across specific dimensions of data sets, and you can further customize and fine-tune your queries based on specific areas of interest and required levels of detail and granularity.

For example, a query can result in instant output–in the form of sophisticated visualization, formatted data or custom API links–about how internet content is routed from CDN domains across your peering/transit and delivered to your access systems and end-users and subscribers (and how it is split across your subscriber plans).

Detailed internet service delivery chain and security context

Deepfield Cloud Genome tracks, maps and analyzes billions of internet endpoints to provide a dynamic supply map of the internet. It provides full visibility into how applications and content are delivered from all the sources across the internet to your network and across your network to your subscribers.

Deepfield Secure Genome complements the Deepfield Cloud Genome by maintaining a similar database with up-to-date information on potential DDoS threats and secure and insecure (whitelisted/blacklisted) internet sources, destinations and traffic patterns.

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