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Join us in the global fight against DDoS

Security is everyone’s concern, and so is sharing information about security

Networks are the backbone of the modern world and play a critical role in the functioning of businesses and governments and the lives of individuals. As a result, network security has become a top priority for network and security teams. 

With the increasing threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, DDoS security has become a paramount consideration, too. DDoS attacks are designed to overload a network with massive traffic, making it unavailable to its users. They can cause significant harm to organizations, disrupting their operations and damaging their reputation. 

The attackers use advanced techniques to bypass even the most robust security measures. Today, most DDoS comes from botnets - networks of infected devices orchestrated and remotely controlled to launch DDoS attacks, making it almost impossible for organizations to defend themselves independently. Furthermore, the attackers are constantly evolving their methods, making it imperative for the industry to work together to develop new and innovative solutions to combat these attacks.

In light of this, the need to jointly engage in industry-level security initiatives to make networks more secure and to share intelligence to fight against DDoS has never been more pressing.


Nokia Deepfield Global DDoS Threat Alliance (GDTA)

Nokia Deepfield Global DDoS Threat Alliance (GDTA) is an opt-in, voluntary membership-based organization for the participating Nokia Deepfield users (in particular, Deepfield Defender users), allowing participants to share information about DDoS threats with Nokia and, by doing so, improve the Nokia Deepfield Secure Genome™ data feed which provides additional internet-related security context. With improved Deepfield Secure Genome data, participants can better protect themselves against current, new, and emerging DDoS threats.

Sharing intelligence is a key component in the fight against DDoS attacks. The more we share information about the methods and techniques used by attackers, the better equipped participating service providers and organizations will be to defend themselves. By sharing this information with GDTA, members will help other members and their organizations to better understand the nature of the threats and take appropriate measures to defend themselves.

Learn more about GDTA here 

“Over the last few years, we have seen great examples of digital cooperation between telecom service providers, cloud providers, regulators, and governments, and a strong commitment to further network investments and to grow, connect, and secure network infrastructures worldwide to ensure resilience and lessen digital divides. We believe that Nokia Deepfield Global Threat DDoS Alliance will go a long way to secure the internet and service providers’ networks and reduce the impact of DDoS threats on participating organizations.”
Dr. Craig Labovitz
Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Deepfield

GDTA and privacy

Data shared with Nokia Deepfield Global DDoS Threat Alliance will be subject to Nokia's GDTA Privacy Policy:…

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