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Network as Code platform
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Network as Code explained

Our modern 5G-era networks deliver a rich set of capabilities that have yet to be fully leveraged. Network as Code provides extreme abstraction and simplification of these capabilities to enable them to be easily used by application developers. By building apps with Network as Code, a fully functioning ecosystem comes alive that brings benefits to all parties: developers, their enterprise and consumer end-customers, and the participating Communications Service Providers (CSPs) too.

Through industry groups like GSMA Open Gateway Initiative, CAMARA Linux foundation opensource project and TM Forum, there is industry-wide momentum to normalize how these network capabilities are organized and made accessible via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Network as Code developer portal

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Use cases and capabilities

Picture your favorite streaming app dynamically requesting a temporary bandwidth boost to guarantee the seamless delivery of high-definition video without any compromise in performance. Imagine apps with smart hazard notification. Think IoT-enabled fleet management with built in bandwith allocation and device location. A few fundamental network capabilities can lead to use-cases never seen before. Categories: 

New types of applications and services

  • Network-aware applications
  • Applications with high performance requirements
  • Applications needing specific network topology e.g. for security, data transfer, or latency optimization
  • Applications that cross private & public networks

Optimization of network and compute resources

  • Contextual, on-demand use of the network
  • Dynamic allocation of resources for devices & applications that need them the most 
  • Efficient scaling for Edge workloads
  • Monetization of new high-value network resources

Innovation and agility of the developer ecosystem

  • High expectations for developer experience & convenience (e.g. like the cloud ecosystem)
  • Need for highly-curated & optimized capabilities
  • Empower developers without networking expertise

Benefits and features

Going beyond CPaaS

The concept of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) has set an important precedent in our industry. The next opportunity to further enrich applications will entail some more complicated parts of our modern networks.

Applications that reach globally

Our Network as Code solution serves as an aggregator platform that enables a many-to-many ecosystem of application developers and network providers to achieve broader reach across markets and geography that they would otherwise need to establish themselves.

Simple is better

Network as Code means a simplified developer experience without the burden of navigating the complex underlying network technologies. A platform that provides developers with an easy journey to learn about the capabilities that are being exposed to them via programmable interfaces and provides them with tools like code artifacts and testing sandboxes so that they can onboard capabilities onto their applications quickly.

Reduce OPEX

The platform must be built automation-native and by integrating the many partners -- the network providers, the developers, and the applications themselves – the platform will create operational efficiencies and accuracies that would otherwise not be possible through manual methods.