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Optical networks

Optical networks

Scale made simple

Our optical network products and solutions enable scaling without limits to enable the foundational connectivity for your networked communications.   

We provide the solutions to scale from the network edge and across long-haul/core and subsea links, while simplifying network operations to let you build smarter, more automated networks that streamline service delivery and lower network TCO.    

By enabling new services such as 5G and packet services, while enabling more efficient network architectures, we help stay competitive and turn your optical networks into platforms that create value for your business and your customers. 

Optical fibres with purple light on dark background

Optical Networking Portfolio Poster

Optical Engines

Nokia’s vertically integrated optical engines power our optical transport solutions across access, metro, long-haul and subsea applications. These include our family of Photonic Services Engines (PSE) that provide scalable, application-optimized coherent optics used across our optical transport systems, pluggable coherent transceivers for use in optical transport and IP platforms, and optical silicon photonics transmitter/receiver optics integrated in Nokia and 3rd party coherent modules.

Subsea solutions

Enabling network scaling across oceans while enabling network simplification with integrated terrestrial and subsea networks, our subsea solutions provide the ultimate in optical transport performance over the most challenging links, with the ability to undertake turn-key planning and deployment of global-scale undersea cable networks.

Optical network automation, operations and control

Our network automation solutions help communication service providers (CSPs), webscale companies and enterprises grow revenues, accelerate service deployment, and build more programmable, responsive, efficient and reliable IP and optical networks. 

Partners and services

Let us help you build scalable networks with ease through our professional services and rich eco-system of collaboration partners.