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1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS)

Scalable optimized end-to-end optical transport solutions for DCI, access, metro, regional and long-haul networks


The 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) is a family of DWDM multiservice, multilayer P-OTN transport platforms that provide efficient transport at any scale, from compact access to the converged Optical Transport Network (OTN)/DWDM core.

With 1830 PSS you can continuously scale your optical networks to meet unpredictable traffic demands. The platforms leverage advanced coherent transport delivered by Nokia Photonic Service Engine (PSE), agile line systems, and ultra-scalable P-OTN switching.

The 1830 PSS family supports a wide range of applications and services, including:

  • Metro edge
  • Metro and long-haul transport
  • Broadband backhaul
  • Data center interconnect
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Wavelength services

The 1830 PSS-4II is a compact platform that delivers scale and efficiency to metro-edge applications.

The 1830 PSS-8 and 1830 PSS-16II are optimized for multiservice metro and regional transport network applications.

The 1830 PSS-32 supports maximum scale for regional to long-haul, multilayer packet optical transport.

Benefits and features

Optimizes network scalability and performance

  • Provides efficient optical transport for any application, fiber type, and reach
  • Supports unconstrained service grooming at the wavelength, port, and sub-port levels
  • Offers enhanced packet optical transport features, including Carrier Ethernet, wavelength and sub-wavelength services, and highly secure low-latency encrypted wavelengths
  • Brings scale and efficiency to the metro edge with optimized service management, performance, and design

Maximizes network capacity

  • Uses advanced PSE super coherent wavelength modulation formats and shaping to maximize fiber utilization and prevent premature fiber exhaustion
  • Uses integrated CDC-F wavelength routing with C+L-band WDM, and OTN switching to optimize scaling of network capacity
  • Leverages Integrated Packet Transport to provide efficient, versatile, and reliable Layer 2 Ethernet transport and services
  • Applies advanced multilayer networking algorithms to reliably transport services at the most economical layer

Maximizes revenue opportunities by meeting unpredictable traffic dynamics with agility

  • Supports the move to reliable and scalable high-bandwidth connectivity services with ultra-scalable OTN switching and flexible wavelength transport
  • Provides tiered protection and restoration resiliency levels for value-based SLAs
  • Delivers secure, low latency, and bandwidth efficient encryption for business-critical applications

1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) in action

Use Cases

Carrier-Neutral CSP


  • Support DC interconnect, cloud connect, and IX peering
  • Deploy a green field network connecting (15) DC locations along with (17) access locations
  • Support single service provisioning across domain "Access-Metro-Access"


  • 1830 PSS-4II, -8, -16II, PSE super coherent transponders, CDC-F wavelength routing, Layer 0 GMPLS, and advanced protection options

Tier 1 CSP


  • Seamlessly expand a critical national backbone network
  • Maximize network capacity utilization with continuous scalability



  • 1830 PSS-16II, -32 WDM/OTN, PSE transponders, Layer 0 and GMPLS, CDC-F wavelength routing with C+L-band WDM

Tier 1 Cable MSOs


  • Deploy or expand regional optical network to address access and enterprise customers
  • Maximize network capacity with common WDM network elements and management systems
  • Leverage network automation


  • 1830 PSS-4II, -8, -16II, -32 with PSE transponders, CDC-F wavelength routing with C+L-band WDM, OTDR, business services support, WaveSuite Network Insight and Service Enablement solutions


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