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Pluggable coherent optics modules

How pluggable coherent optics bring performance and low power
to industry standard transceiver module formats

Our pluggable coherent modules are used across our optical network platforms, converged IP-optical routing and fixed network access solutions. They can also be deployed in third-party and white box switches and routers to provide market-leading integrated coherent transport solutions. Supporting a wide range of interoperability standards and implementation agreements, our coherent pluggable optics also offer unique operating modes for even greater performance.

Pluggable coherent optic transceivers integrate all the functions needed in a digital coherent optic (DCO), including the coherent digital signal processor (DSP), the optics needed for light transmission, modulation and detection, and the microprocessor electronics for turn-up and operation. All these functions are contained in a highly integrated, industry-standard small form-factor transceiver, including SFP form factors that enable pluggability into existing router and switch ports. They avoid the density penalties typical of short-reach client “grey” optics.

Our pluggable coherent optical modules support a variety of data rates, including 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s and 800Gb/s to enable application optimization based on capacity, distance and port type.

100G Pluggable DCO Transceivers

The QDCO1 extends the performance of coherent optics to metro, access and edge applications. The QDCO1 operates at 28Gbaud and supports 100Gb/s tunable WDM transmission in the compact and popular QSFP28 pluggable form-factor, with low power consumption of <6Watts and support for 100GE and OTN clients.

Supporting single-span unamplified reach of up to 80km, amplified reach up to 120km, and multi-span amplified reach of up to 300km, the QDCO1 can be used in a wide range of transport, router, PON, radio and broadband access platforms.


400G Pluggable DCO Transceivers

Our 400G pluggable DCOs are powered by the PSE-V Compact (PSE-Vc), part of the PSE-V family of coherent optics.

The PSE-Vc supports operation at a variety of baud rates from 30 to 69GBaud. It is an ideal choice for scaling network capacity in access, metro aggregation and metro-regional core networks.

PSE-Vc graphic


The QDDCO4Z provides multi-vendor interoperability based on the OIF 400ZR specification, in a QSFP-DD form factor compatible with 400GE ports. Using C-FEC and 16QAM modulation, the QDDCO4Z supports 400G tunable WDM transmission per wavelength, with single-channel unamplified reach up to 40km, and amplified multi-channel operation up to 120km.

The QDDCO4Z is the ideal choice for single-span metro connections for data center interconnection (DCI), business service connections, and backhaul of radio, PON or other broadband service traffic at 400G speeds.



The QDDCO4 provides increased performance and flexibility compared to the 400ZR module and also comes in a QSFP-DD form factor. The module supports the OpenZR+ Open FEC (o-FEC) standard. It supports a range of baud rates and modulations including QPSK, 8QAM, and 16QAM, which enables operation at 100G, 200G, 300G and 400G over a single wavelength, across hundreds to thousands of kilometers.

The QDDCO4 extends the reach of 400ZR modules to support multi-span connections over greater distances and through limited intermediate ROADM pass-throughs.

400G Multihaul

Our 400G Multihaul pluggable DCO transceivers support high optical output launch power of +3dBm to enable use across ROADM-enabled networks for maximum network efficiency. Variable baud rate operation and QPSK, 8QAM, and 16QAM modulation enable operation at 100G, 200G, 300G and 400G per wavelength.

This allows for flexible and efficient network scaling, from 100G over thousands of kilometers, to 400G per wavelength over several hundreds of kilometers and through multiple ROADM nodes. Low power consumption and support for both Ethernet and OTN clients and framing, provides the flexibility to operate in optical transport systems, router platforms, and other third-party systems. 

Escide image

Our 400G Multihaul pluggable DCOs, available in both QSFP-DD and CFP2 pluggable form factors, are an ideal choice for scaling network capacity across a wide range of use cases in access, metro aggregation, and metro-regional core networks, where higher performance is needed compared to 400ZR/ZR+ DCOs. 


The C2DCO4 and C2DCO4O are implemented in the CFP2 form factor, while the QDDCO4H is implemented in the QSFP-DD form-factor for use on both transport and router platforms. 

The C2DCO4 supports a Nokia FEC mode for greater performance and provides interoperability with our PSE-2, PSE-3 and PSE-V coherent optics. The C2DCO4O provides interoperability with OIF 400ZR and OpenROADM industry standards, while the QDDCO4H provides interoperability with OIF 400ZR and 400G OpenZR+ standards. 

800G Pluggable DCO Transceivers

PSE-6 Compact

Our sixth-generation Compact Photonic Service Engine (PSE-6c) provides the coherent DSP and optics to power the next-generation of 800G pluggable coherent optics.

Complementing Nokia’s award-winning PSE-6 Super-Coherent (PSE-6s) optics optimized for the ultimate in scale and performance, the PSE-6c extends the scale, performance and sustainability of our PSE-6 family to 800G pluggable DCOs implemented in industry-standard formats such as CFP2 and QSFP-DD800.

PSE-6c graphic


The PSE-6c powers the QDDCO8Z DCO for 800ZR applications, while the QDDCO8H supports 800ZR+ applications that require higher performance. Both the QDDCO8Z and QDDCO8H are implemented in the QSFP-DD800 form factor for use in transport and router applications. 

800 zr

The QDDCO8Z supports 16QAM modulation and mapping of 100/200/400/800GE client inputs into an 800G tunable WDM wavelength for operation over unamplified and amplified, single-span metro applications. It supports the OIF 800ZR standard. 

800 zr

The QDDCO8H supports operation from 400G to 800G per wavelength, in 100G steps, and both Ethernet and OTN clients. The QDDCO8H supports QPSK modulation, for operation at 400G per wavelength, and shaped-PCS 16QAM operation, for operation from 500G to 800G per wavelength. The extended reach and greater performance of the QDDCO8H enables multi-span connections over greater distances and through intermediate ROADM pass-throughs for metro and regional applications.

800G Multihaul

The PSE-6c powers the QDDCO8Z DCO for 800ZR applications, while the QDDCO8H supports 800ZR+ applications that require higher performance. Both the QDDCO8Z and QDDCO8H are implemented in the QSFP-DD800 form factor for use in transport and router applications. 

Escide image

Our C2DCO8 800G Multihaul pluggable DCO expands the flexibility and performance of the QDDCO8H in a CFP2 pluggable form factor. The C2DCO8 supports QPSK, 8QAM and shaped-PCS 16QAM modulation, allowing operation from 200G to 800G per wavelength.

800 zr

The C2DCO8 is an ideal choice for scaling network capacity across a wide range of optical transport use cases for metro, regional and long-haul networks where low power and pluggable operation are important considerations.

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