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WaveSuite applications

Optimize, scale and monetize your optical transport network

What is WaveSuite?

WaveSuite is a complete platform for automating your optical transport, from access to core and long-haul networks. WaveSuite applications support a wide range of deployment scenarios, including wireless access, public and private cloud connectivity, TDM transformation and data center interconnect. 

You can deploy WaveSuite applications individually or in combination to address your business objectives. Working together, WaveSuite applications can help you: 

  • Optimize network performance and operations to reduce costs
  • Scale network capacity to meet changing demand
  • Monetize network assets to increase revenue.

What you get with WaveSuite

WaveSuite helps you adapt to the dynamic demands of optical networks with comprehensive solutions for network design, operations and control:

  • An open programmable management platform makes it easy to automate network operations, integrate with orchestrators and operations and business support systems (OSSs/BSSs), and enhance your overall network management capabilities.
  • Resource control capabilities let you visualize network topology, support multivendor network initiatives, support northbound application integration with standardized model-driven, intent-based interfaces, and discover optimal network service paths in real time.
  • A comprehensive platform of ready-to-use applications helps you introduce automation solution categories to optimize, scale and monetize your optical transport network.
  • Integration with Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) lets you take advantage of IP/optical cross-domain coordination and service delivery to boost operational efficiency and service velocity.

Use WaveSuite to achieve your business objectives

Optimize network performance and operations

Use WaveSuite to deliver the performance, reliability and security your customers demand from optical networks. WaveSuite helps you minimize human error and ensure that your network is set up, monitored and managed for peak capacity and efficiency. This reduces your CAPEX and OPEX.

You can also use WaveSuite to protect your network, services and customers from unauthorized access and denial-of-service attacks. WaveSuite helps you improve fault diagnosis and mean time to repair to further reduce OPEX, and provides accurate and streamlined problem resolution so you can deliver on service-level agreements (SLAs) and protect your revenue. 

Scale network capacity

WaveSuite ensures that you always have real-time information about network performance and demand trends, and can seamlessly add new hardware and applications. Insights on trends will help you optimize your network and identify potential issues before they occur so you can protect your SLAs. 

When it’s time to scale up, WaveSuite provides a complete status of your network inventory and topology for open optical line systems and coherent terminal end points. You can import this information directly into the WaveSuite planning application, which will help you design, plan and lay out your network more efficiently while making better use of available resources. WaveSuite can then deploy your chosen configuration directly to the network, streamlining the process and avoiding errors. When new capacity is available, WaveSuite helps you accelerate service order delivery to increase customer satisfaction and shorten time to revenue.

Monetize network assets

WaveSuite can make sure that you get maximum value from your network. It helps you automate service order orchestration and expose new service types for new or existing subscribers. It also helps you generate new revenue by extending premium value-added services to existing customers. 

WaveSuite makes service slicing, spectrum sharing and virtual private network slicing easy and delivers all the assurance you need so you can offer and adhere to strict SLAs. You can also use WaveSuite to monetize your network synchronization capabilities.

WaveSuite automation applications

The flexibility of WaveSuite allows you to customize your automation levels to your operational environment. Each application can be used alone or in conjunction with others to plan, commission, provision, analyze and optimize your network to lower costs and increase reliability, or go to market faster with new services and grow revenue.

WaveSuite network operations center

Enhance the Nokia optical network management software with more openness and functionality. Use it to deliver optical network services faster, ensure service protection and restoration, visualize your network clearly, and rapidly integrate your equipment.

WaveSuite resource controller

Perform SDN controller functions across multiple domains and vendors in the optical network. Use it to optimize network asset utilization, support open network initiatives and seamlessly operate multivendor network environments.

WaveSuite health and analytics

Real-time network intelligence that helps you make more informed decisions. Developed with Nokia Bell Labs, WaveSuite health and analytics combines expertise in optical networks and data science, including artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Use it to maximize fiber optic link performance, predict network issues and reduce network disruptions.

WaveSuite advanced diagnostics

Enhance the diagnostic capabilities of WaveSuite network operations center with a troubleshooting automation engine. Use it to rapidly identify and resolve issues before they impact SLAs, and to precisely locate and isolate fiber impairments.

WaveSuite synchronizer

Control for the entire network synchronization infrastructure. Use it to simplify the distribution of precise frequency, phase and time synchronization information, and to monetize your network synchronization capabilities.

WaveSuite optimizer

Maximize network performance and enable proactive planning through multilayer scenario analysis for when unexpected events occur. Use it to efficiently manage your optical network and improve its spectrum utilization so you can ensure that it delivers maximum capacity and value.

WaveSuite planner

Facilitate efficient optical network design, planning, layout and analysis. Simplify the design process between multiple teams, ensure synchronization between network designs and the physical network, and accommodate optical termination points such as card-based interfaces, 400ZR/ZR+ pluggables, alien wavelengths and multivendor open photonic networks. Use it to seamlessly transition to multivendor line systems while maximizing the value of your network investments.

WaveSuite service enablement

Increase revenue without increasing CAPEX. Use it to create a more accessible network that caters to a larger customer base and enables new go-to-market channels. WaveSuite service enablement unlocks revenue potential through patented B2B2X software models, enables network virtualization, and facilitates new services and business partnerships based on the optical network-as-a-service business model, including connectivity-, spectrum- and synchronization-as-a-service.

WaveSuite solution categories

We have engineered our automation solutions to focus on solution categories that align with business priorities identified by optical network customers like you. These solutions target the most common issues you face at every stage of the optical network and services lifecycle. They also expand to support digital process automation into northbound OSSs and BSSs.

Product screen shots

Nokia Network Developer Portal

The Nokia Network Developer Portal provides valuable resources to help you efficiently program and automate your network, quickly develop connected applications and easily integrate with OSSs, including use-case based tutorials, API reference documentation, Swagger tools and code snippets. 

The Portal also includes a self-service, fully tailored lab that gives you more agility and access to a common platform across all WaveSuite software applications so you can develop your own feature-rich OSS applications.

See the resources available on the Developer Portal

Optical Professional Services

Let our Optical Professional Services team help you customize your applications and achieve your automation business goals. We’ll use our extensive workflow development expertise to ensure that you succeed with your automation initiative. Our team can support you in a variety of ways, from direct consulting for do-it-yourself organizations to turnkey solutions that include full business process automation with OSSs/BSSs.

Learn more about Optical Professional Services.

Digital twin-as-a-service

Nokia Professional Services for WaveSuite also offers digital-twin-as-a-service, which allows you to create a digital replica of your current or planned optical transport network. You can use a digital twin to train your operations teams, analyze project-specific scenarios and accelerate time to market for new services. The service also provides documented APIs, code snippets and tutorials that you can try out within our dedicated lab environment.

End-to-end automation solutions

Nokia offers a wide range of industry-leading network automation solutions for every area of the network, including:

Visit our network automation page to learn more about these comprehensive solutions and how they can work together to help you manage multiple domains to support true end-to-end network management.

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