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WaveSuite applications

Grow revenue and reduce TCO with optical network automation

Our WaveSuite applications let you use optical network automation to operate your network more efficiently, get the most from its resources, and virtualize and monetize it quickly.

Gain an edge with optical network automation


Abstract increasing optical network and service complexity

WaveSuite open interfaces make it easier to build networks across multiple optical domains – photonic, OTN, Ethernet, and IP – using equipment from multiple vendors. They use intent-based networking, open APIs and prepackaged use cases to automate optical network operations, optimization, insights and service delivery.

Get the most from your people and network resources

WaveSuite helps you reduce OPEX by automating repetitive tasks and complex workflows. It takes pressure off your skilled staff and helps you make better use of your network capacity.

Keep up with fast-changing market demand

WaveSuite lets you align your network offering with your service requirements. It provides a flexible, modular and programmable approach that helps you respond to customers’ needs and quickly adapt to changing demand. This approach includes:

  • Open interfaces that make it simple to integrate WaveSuite into your existing environment
  • Capabilities that enable faster optical network design and service deployment
  • Support for innovative B2B2X business models that help you reach more customers, create new channels to revenue and offer new optical network services

Ensure a high quality of experience for every customer and application user

WaveSuite applications are built for high-availability networks and services. They provide the tools you need to ensure maximum optical network service performance, meet disaster recovery requirements, protect service-level agreements (SLAs) and virtualize and monetize your optical network. All of this improves your bottom line and helps you differentiate by delivering a superior quality of experience to your customers.

Extract valuable network insight with built-in Nokia Bell Labs data science and optical network expertise

Our applications and use case implementations let you monitor network performance indicators in real time. These indicators can help you adapt to unexpected or evolving traffic and network conditions to maintain network performance and protect SLAs. They can also help you monitor network power consumption so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Discover our WaveSuite optical network automation applications

Network design, operations and control

WaveSuite Network Operations Center

The WaveSuite Network Operations Center (WS-NOC) application enhances the Nokia optical network management software with more openness and functionality. Designed for integration with the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP), which is also a modular microservice software framework, it enables you to:

  • Deliver optical network services faster
  • Protect and restore services
  • Clearly visualize your network
  • Rapidly integrate equipment

WaveSuite Resource Controller

The WaveSuite Resource Controller (WS-RC) application performs multi-domain and multivendor SDN controller functions, and computes paths across optical network domains. It enables you to:

  • Make the best use of your network assets
  • Realize open network initiatives
  • Support multivendor networks

WaveSuite Advanced Diagnostics

The WaveSuite Advanced Diagnostics (WS-AD) application includes a powerful troubleshooting automation engine that enhances the diagnostic tools provided by the WS-NOC application. You can use it to:

  • Rapidly identify and resolve issues before they impact SLAs
  • Precisely locate and isolate fiber impairments

WaveSuite Synchronizer

The WaveSuite Synchronizer application provides intuitive tools that let you take control of your entire network synchronization infrastructure. You can use these tools to:

  • Easily distribute IEEE 1588 PTP and ITU-T SyncE frequency synchronization and IEEE PTP phase/time of day synchronization
  • Monetize network synchronization

WaveSuite Optimizer

The WaveSuite Optimizer application helps you use automation to extract more capacity and value from your optical network. It provides tools that enable you to:

  • Maximize network performance
  • Prepare for the unexpected using multilayer scenario analysis

WaveSuite Planner

The WaveSuite Planner (WS-P) application helps you design, plan, lay out and analyze your optical network in the most efficient way. You can quickly extract maximum value from your network investments with tools that enable you to:

  • Simplify network design with support for a team-based network design environment
  • Synchronize network designs with your physical network
  • Plan for all types of optical termination points, including card-based interfaces, 400ZR/ZR+ pluggables, alien wavelengths and multivendor open photonic networks
  • Evolve to multivendor line systems

Network insight

WaveSuite Health and Analytics

The WaveSuite Health and Analytics application provides real-time network intelligence that helps you make smarter business, operational and infrastructure decisions. Driven by built-in Nokia Bell Labs data science automation algorithms and enhanced analytics, this application enables you to:

  • Reduce network TCO
  • Extract valuable network data insights
  • Maximize network performance
  • Protect SLAs


WaveSuite Health and Analytics

Business-aware services

WaveSuite Service Enablement

The WaveSuite Service Enablement (WS-SE) application helps you virtualize and monetize your optical network and use innovative services and B2B2X business models to reach more customers. These applications use our patented business relationship-aware software models to:

  • Support more customers and go-to-market channels
  • Deliver new optical network service offers such as bandwidth on demand, packet count-based billing and optical NaaS
  • Automate the establishment of connectivity for high-availability and low-latency services
  • Automate network service fulfillment

We make optical network automation easy

WaveSuite applications use automation to turn your optical network into an open, consumable platform that creates value for you and your customers. This automation simplifies optical network management and control, reduces network total cost of ownership (TCO), and streamlines the delivery of differentiated, revenue-generating optical network services to improve your return on investment (ROI).

We complement WaveSuite with three initiatives to create an optical network automation environment that supports new approaches and better business outcomes for network expansion, optimization and monetization.

Nokia optical systems

Our portfolio of high-performance, deployment environment-optimized optical network equipment provides the scale and programmability you need to keep pace with growing bandwidth and service demands.

Nokia WavePrime

WavePrime is a professional service offer that can help you achieve your automation business goals and meet your unique customization requirements. The WavePrime team has built predefined workflows and multivendor SDN adapters that let you use a mix of WaveSuite applications to realize business outcomes and reduce risk as you pursue your optical network automation strategy.

WavePrime also offers digital twin as a service. Our experts can help you train your operations teams, execute project-specific scenario analysis, and accelerate your time to revenue and automation initiatives by creating an exact digital replica of your physical optical network.

Nokia WaveHub

WaveHub is a market-oriented ecosystem program that enables you to collaborate with a global community of partners to accelerate new network value creation and minimize network TCO. It is supported by a remotely accessible, pre-configured lab environment that you can use for modeling and experimentation. Ecosystem members also have access to documented APIs, code snippets and tutorials that can be trialed within the lab environment.

IP-optical coordination

WaveSuite applications and the Nokia Network Services Platform

You can combine the WaveSuite applications with the Nokia NSP to provide unified network visualization, correlation and service coordination across IP and optical layers. These capabilities help you improve network resiliency, operational efficiency and service velocity.

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