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Small cells and Smart Node femtocells

Achieve your business goals with market leading small cells and Smart Node femtocells

Address new demands with small cells that improve capacity and coverage in urban and rural areas, indoors and outdoors. Our comprehensive small cell portfolio lets you deploy scalable solutions that meet growing performance expectations in public spaces, enterprises and homes. It can help you reach your business goals by preparing for the heterogeneous network of the future, supporting innovative new applications, and providing the right service for every customer and environment.

Small Cells deliver cost-effective capacity and coverage, indoors and outdoors, and are key to network innovation

The first deployments of LTE a decade ago looked very different compared to the flexible, high-performance 4G networks in widespread use today. As user demand continues to rise, LTE and 4G will be unable to provide enough capacity and deployment of 5G will become inevitable. Small cells will play a critical role in delivering the high bandwidth, low-latency connections required by 5G. In addition, small cells deployed in strategic areas are the perfect vehicles to bring network innovation such as value-adding applications, local contextual applications and IoT services.

How can you prepare your network for the future?

Provide easily scalable solutions to meet changing capacity needs

Offer services to ensure the right investments for the right network

Find the best solutions for both public indoor and enterprise use

Extensive small cell toolbox meets any need

Nokia has developed the industry’s most extensive small cells portfolio.  Our small cells are well suited to evolve all networks and provide the promised high performance of both 4G and 5G, indoors and outdoors, for a wide range of use cases.

  • Nokia Flexi Zone family continues to expand and now offers more than 85 all-in-one (AiO) products covering many 3GPP band combinations and unlicensed spectrum variants. The range includes multi-band products for indoor and outdoor capacity and coverage with 4x4 MIMO and three carrier aggregation of licensed and unlicensed frequencies for high throughput.
  • Nokia AirScale Micro Remote Radio Heads (RRH) for 4G and 5G support several 5G frequency bands, increasing the flexibility of the AirScale System Module by providing diverse and versatile deployment options for 5G.
  • Nokia AirScale Indoor Radio (ASiR) System provides an enhanced Single Frequency Network (SFN) indoor solution for lower total cost of ownership, smaller product form factor, better indoor coverage and macro-grade level high capacity.

The range offers straightforward ways to deploy almost any scenario of 4G indoor and outdoor capacity and coverage that can be upgraded to 5G using a wide choice of spectrum bands, both licensed and unlicensed. Indoor solutions enable 5G capacities and latencies closer to where the users / devices are situated. Outdoor solutions enable seamless 5G capacity and coverage densification.

Nokia small cells portfolio goes from strength to strength

Building on an already renowned product portfolio we’re further broadening the AirScale small cells line-up enabling 5G deployments in more and more places with macro parity. Providing the best indoor coverage is key, especially when the higher frequencies used by 5G do not readily penetrate buildings. This call for solutions such as Nokia AirScale indoor Radio solution, designed for ease of deployment and high-performance indoor operation.

A vital role for small cells in 5G

The ongoing evolution of small cell technology will be an important part 5G rollouts. Nokia small cells are well suited to provide the promised high performance of 5G both indoors and outdoors, for a wide range of use cases.

Yet this is just the beginning for small cells. The rise of 5G is giving them a new prominence.

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