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1830 Photonic Service Demarcation

Network demarcation and optical transport for Ethernet and wavelength services.

The Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Demarcation (PSD) is a low-latency, compact and versatile Network Interface Device (NID) providing network demarcation at customer premise sites. It effectively extends the reach of the optical network in support of MEF compliant 10G Ethernet and wavelength services.

As part of the Nokia Optical Transport portfolio, the 1830 PSD leverages the same optics (SFPs) used within the broader 1830 PSS product family and common network operations being supported by the Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T) (formerly the 1350 Optical Management System). It enables a wide range of applications and services including:

  • Network / service extension (e.g. remote port)
  • Network interconnection / access (e.g. LAN interconnect, DCI, etc.)
  • Service interworking (e.g. Carrier Ethernet and wave services)

"We are pleased to contribute to the MEF 3.0 framework through our leadership roles in defining wavelength services and network resource modeling for LSO APIs. The MEF activities currently underway will build on CE 2.0 momentum by expanding the scope of dynamic services to meet provider needs for continually increasing bandwidth connectivity, while keeping operations costs in check through automated orchestration."

Sam Bucci VP & GM / Optical Networking BU, Nokia

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