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CFX-5000 SIP session control

CFX-5000 central controller for the IMS/SIP core

The CFX-5000 controls every service in an all-IP network and makes possible new subscriber services such as VoLTE, VoWiFi, RCS and WebRTC.

Acting as central control core, the CFX-5000 offers session and service control, all using standard interfaces and application triggering mechanisms. Yet it remains flexible enough to allow rapid introduction of new, ARPU-boosting services and applications.



  • VoLTE (IR.92)
  • Conversational Video services (IR.94)
  • Voice over HSPA (IR.58)
  • Voice over Wi-Fi (IR.51)
  • GSMA RCS 5.x

As part of our core portfolio, Nokia CFX-5000 Core, complemented by Nokia SBC for border and transit Controller, reduce time-to-market for services and simplify network evolution.

It has been deployed in many networks worldwide, including the world’s largest live VoLTE service network.

We have been active in IMS standardization bodies and the development of commercial products for more than 10 years.

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