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Policy Controller

Scale your policy management for 4G and 5G

The Cloud-native Nokia Policy Controller (formerly Nokia Smart Plan Suite – Policy) is a combined scalable network function fulfilling both 5G policy rules & interoperability with 4G with independently scalable sub-functions. As combined microservices-based stateless network function has interfaces serving 4G Diameter and 5G HTTP/2 service-based architecture. Nokia Policy Controller is to address a generic market for Policy beyond mobile, into fixed, and enterprise segment as well. In addition to introducing a new network architecture, 5G enables a wide range of new consumer and enterprise use cases. The Policy Control Function (PCF) plays a key role in helping service providers to monetize these new opportunities. Nokia’s Policy Controller was designed for the needs of 5G and IoT to provide scale and simplicity even for the most complex use cases. Fully cloud-native, it can be deployed rapidly into multi-vendor networks and provides the elasticity and reliability required for efficient and effective policy control. Production-ready for 5G today, almost 100 service providers around the world rely on Nokia’s policy management capabilities for 5G, 4G and fixed networks.


devices in largest live deployment covering 4G and 5G


weeks from start of deployment until ready for service


potential footsprint savings compared to legacy systems

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