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Service Router Linux

Evolve your data center switching infrastructure with an open, extensible and resilient NOS

SR Linux: Redefining openness 

Nokia Service Router Linux (SR Linux) is a truly open network operating system (NOS) that makes your data center switching infrastructure more scalable, more flexible and simpler to operate.

A key component of our next-generation Data Center Switching Fabric solution, SR Linux uses an unmodified Linux® kernel as the foundation for a suite of network applications. The Linux kernel increases reliability and portability and makes it easier to develop system applications as well as your own network applications, such as tools and agents.

SR Linux opens the NOS infrastructure. It provides a unique, ground-up architecture built around model-driven management and modern interfaces. This approach simplifies operations and integrations while giving you ultimate visibility and unmatched flexibility.

    The switch is on to data center networking your way

    Why SR Linux is right for your data center

    Prepare for new demands

    Support your applications with an open, fully programmable and massively scalable NOS.

    Modernize your data center network

    Use our field-hardened protocol stacks to support enhanced IP routing features such as MP-BGP, EVPN and VXLAN.

    Gain more visibility and control

    Take advantage of a unique open architecture approach designed to support extensive and granular streaming telemetry.

    Design applications your way

    Build network applications using any programming language and ensure that they have full access to, and integration with, the NOS infrastructure.

    Customize CLI operation

    Empower your NetOps teams to build their own Python-based CLI plugins for monitoring and tuning system information.

    Bring new flexibility to development and integration

    Use our NetOps Development Kit (NDK) to integrate third-party applications with the same functionality as Nokia applications, including data modeling, transactional configuration and massively scalable streaming telemetry.

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