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7730 Service Interconnect Router

Next-generation IP access, aggregation and edge platforms

The Nokia 7730 Service Interconnect Router (SXR) family provides next-generation IP access, aggregation and edge platforms that make it easy to deliver secure, assured and sustainable IP networking services.

Designed for communications service providers (CSPs) and mission-critical enterprises, 7730 SXR platforms can help you boost performance and capability in advanced IP access and aggregation networks. In distributed IP edge locations, they can help you more efficiently meet the demand driven by broadband investments and evolving cloud network architectures. For mission critical services, the 7730 SXR brings a new level of deterministic performance and resiliency to the furthest reaches of your network.

Enjoy the benefits of advanced routing silicon

At the heart of the 7730 SXR is the Nokia FPcx network processing unit (NPU). In-house designed and fully programmable, the FPcx brings the values of our high-performance and feature-rich FP silicon into a compact and extensible package.

With network security features such as in-line filtering for DDoS mitigation and advanced line-rate encryption, you can rest assured you will have the tools to protect your network and the services running on top of it. A unique multi-core cluster design opens up new ways to streamline software upgrades without network downtime. Advanced QoS, queueing and a hierarchical memory design ensure that your IP packets will get where they need to go when they are supposed to get there.

With a fully programmable NPU, you can accommodate new services and standards as they emerge without having to rebuild your network.

Unlock a new era of NetOps with SR Linux on the 7730 SXR

As networks become more complex, network automation becomes an increasingly critical approach to streamlining network operations. 7730 SXR platforms are built for automation from the ground up, leveraging the Nokia SR Linux network operating system (NOS), which embraces cloud-native design principles, and the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) automation suite.

Benefit from automation at scale with a modular model-driven architecture, telemetry at unprecedented granularity and unified service automation and network optimization across IP, MPLS, Ethernet and optical transport layers.

Enjoy resilient networking and hitless per-application software upgrades enabled by the microservices-based, state-efficient design of SR Linux.

Be ready for the future with the unmatched extensibility of SR Linux, enabled by its open design and application development platform.

Add efficiency into your IP network design

With four fixed form-factor and two modular platform variants, and support for high-density interface speeds ranging from 1GE to 400GE, you are sure to find the right 7730 SXR platform to efficiently meet your IP access, aggregation or small edge needs.

Introducing the Nokia 7730 SXR, raise the Xpectations of your IP networks

SR Linux IP networks, extensibility in network operating system that delivers foundation for NetOps

How NetOps raises your Xpectations for IP Network operations with Nokia

7730 SXR benefits and features

Assured and efficient performance

  • Deliver assured IP services with a network processor design that supports deterministic performance, 7-level hierarchical QoS and 256K queues.
  • Ensure consistent service levels across your network with a robust and reliable NOS that leverages field-hardened SR OS protocol stacks and IP networking applications.
  • Drive energy efficiency through right-sized platforms, support for SFP-DD optics and 112G SerDes technology.

Extensive capabilities

  • Deliver more IP services and visibility with superior scalability for counters, services, tunnels, queues, policers and tables.
  • Enhance IP network security with in-line support for DDoS mitigation.
  • Secure IP services through MACsec/ANYsec line-rate encryption with no impact on performance.

Advanced timing and synchronization

  • Meet stringent synchronization demands with highly accurate timing enabled by integrated dual-band Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers.
  • Support time-sensitive packet transport and fronthaul networks with a Class C-based Telecom Boundary Clock.

Right-size scale for efficient network designs

  • Bring more capability to the furthest reaches of your IP network with platforms that support 3.6 Tb/s to 5.6 Tb/s of system capacity.
  • Support interface speeds from 1GE to 400GE with comprehensive breakout capabilities.
  • Introduce coherent routing applications with platforms that support digital coherent optics (DCOs).

NetOps building blocks

  • Streamline IP network operations with a Linux-based NOS that supports cloud-native design approaches with a modular, microservices, state-sharing architecture.
  • Customize your network with our NetOps Development Kit (NDK) and programmable Python-based CLI.

Built for automation at scale

  • Automate IP network operations at scale with model-driven management, full YANG coverage and comprehensive telemetry with granular counters on all key metrics.
  • Leverage unmatched traffic control and optimization, network and service assurance, and transport and service provisioning with the Network Services Platform (NSP).

What analysts are saying

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