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Open applications to simplify network scaling and enable network transformation

Transform your optical network for greater business success

The rise of digital technologies is creating unprecedented opportunities for optical network operators. Based on open networking initiatives, Nokia WaveSuite applications help you evolve your optical network to support innovative digital services, achieve ultra-efficient operations, and control CAPEX.


Discover the Nokia WaveSuite applications.

Boost revenue with new services

WaveSuite Service Enablement applications help you virtualize and monetize your transport infrastructure, and use innovative services and business models to reach more customers. These applications use our patented business relationship-aware software models to make your network more consumable so you can support more customers and go-to-market channels.

Automate your network

WaveSuite applications enable automated service connectivity and network operations to support new services, differentiate with customer experience and keep costs low.

Provide cost-effective connectivity

WaveSuite Network Insight applications provide real-time network intelligence that helps you make smarter business, operational, and infrastructure decisions. Driven by Bell Labs automation algorithms and enhanced analytics, they enable you to streamline your operations and reduce costs while maximizing network performance.

Choose the applications that are right for you

You can deploy WaveSuite applications alone or in combination. When combined, these applications let you extract more capacity from the network, monetize this capacity instantly, and deploy service-supporting equipment quickly.

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Let WaveSuite help you transform your optical network

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