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Network as Code for developers

The power of the world’s mobile networks in your apps.

What is Network as Code?

Nokia's Network as Code, a platform empowering you to develop applications that seamlessly integrate with the network and unlock the potential to create something new, amazing and powerful.

Network as Code for developers

Network capabilities enable use-cases: the search for “killer apps”

The consensus is that today’s 5G-era networks are rich with capabilities that are not being fully utilized. The trick is to translate some of those capabilities into practical use-cases. To fully understand the potential of these network capabilities, this hierarchical perspective (below) can help. 

The point is that a single network capability can drive various functional use-cases which in turn can be applied to various industry application benefits. The example below illustrates this for the Network Quality on Demand capability: 

NAC image

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Combining network capabilities expands the potential exponentially

Expanding upon the hierarchy concept above, in many cases we can combine multiple network capabilities together to further benefit. For example, by combining the Device Location together with network Quality on Demand, an application can create geo-fenced parameters within which different network quality will apply. 

Enabling next-generation applications and experiences

In our search for the “killer apps” we sometimes focus only on what applications we can enable that presently cannot be done at all. However, in many cases the network capabilities will contribute to an existing application to close a functional limitation or to expand availability and performance and in some industries, these improvements in degree can provide profound benefits. For example, in industries that already have some remote operator applications, in situations of network congestion where latency drops below a threshold, operations must be turned-over to an on-site person and this diminishes the recognized benefits of the remote operations. In these situations, if the application can signal the network to stabilize network latency “on-demand”, then the remote operational mode can continue and all of the benefits remain intact.   

What network capabilities does Network as Code enable you to incorporate into your applications?

Quality-of-Service on Demand

Manage the connection bandwidth and latency characteristics of your mobile network devices using predefined network profiles. Give your devices a network speed boost when required.


Receive notifications about the network status of your mobile network devices for monitoring purposes or to react whenever devices go offline and reconnect.


Acquire the approximate location of your mobile devices or verify that they are within a given area using a mobile network-based positioning system, both outdoors and indoors.

Specialized networks

Reserve a part of a 5G network for specialized usage scenarios to guarantee stable connectivity for your devices and applications.

Simple, yet powerful

You don't have to be a 5G expert. Use our APIs and SDKs to unlock the power of mobile networks and make your applications network-aware.

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