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The AI opportunity for telecoms

How AI is impacting the telecoms industry and insights to help your initiatives succeed

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Answering the AI questions that matter

Artificial Intelligence. Some call it the “most over-hyped emerging technology”1, but we think it has the power to transform the telecoms industry – our industry. So, why do 80% of AI initiatives stall at proof of concept? What’s holding them back?

Based on first person interviews and a global online survey of over 50 service providers by STL Partners, this Executive Briefing reveals the answers and recommends four ways you can make the most of everything AI has to offer.

1 Annual Industry Survey 2018

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What will it take to create an AI-driven telecoms industry?

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The role of AI in simplifying telecom operations

How can telecom operations be more agile, dynamic and efficient? Nokia's Brendan Ziolo and STL Partners' Matt Pooley discuss.

Opportunities for AI-enabled customer experience

Are telcos taking advantage of how AI can significantly reshape customer experience? Nokia's Brendan Ziolo and STL Partners' Matt Pooley discuss.


Executive summary on the state of AI in the telecom industry

Read highlights from the research report.


The five things telcos need to know about implementing AI

Based on a global study of service provider activity, what have we learned about implementing AI in the telecoms industry?

Get your AI initiative off the ground

Get your AI initiative off the ground

They say AI is going to transform the telecoms industry. Where are we today? What opportunities are being pursued? And what barriers need to be overcome? Find out more in our infographic.

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