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Rural Broadband

Broadband Infrastructure for
Community Broadband  Providers

Let’s work together to deliver broadband access for all

Equity – the rural broadband imperative.

The digital divide exists everywhere that the costs of building broadband infrastructure are higher than the revenues that can be earned, hitting rural and low-income communities the hardest. For communities to thrive they need affordable access to good education, quality healthcare and high-paying jobs – access that broadband can deliver to people wherever they call home.

Your community’s broadband future delivered.

Wherever you are in your community broadband journey you don’t want supply chain challenges to dictate your project timeline. Meet Network-In-A-Box. Everything you need for a broadband network, configurable for your network build, available and ready to ship today.

Broadband funding opportunities

Ubiquitous broadband services are essential to America’s economic future. That’s why the US government is providing billions of funding dollars to connect the underserved and enable a sustainable gigabit future for all Americans. Learn more about funding opportunities who’s eligible, process, procedures and the timing around various government awards.

It’s going to take a village to bring broadband access to all Americans.

Whether you’re a brand new network operator or have been providing service for many years you want a reliable network with a flexible migration path that will meet your customers’ needs well into the future. 7 out of 10 fiber connections in North America are made through Nokia equipment. That’s because the breadth of Nokia’s solutions portfolio allows us to meet you where you are today and help you cost-effectively navigate your network’s evolution.  

You only get one chance to get it right the first time – the benefits of fiber broadband

We owe it to our rural communities to build networks that secure their broadband future now. It starts with building fiber infrastructure. As the most future-proof and greenest way of bringing high-speed broadband to the masses, there is a strong desire from broadband operators and governments to switch out legacy infrastructure for fiber. And fiber infrastructure can serve your community’s needs today, easily evolve as needed from GPON to XGS-PON to 25G PON, serving the needs of your communities for 50+ years. The result of this technology evolution is that you can use fiber for everything.

Rise to the challenge - our generation’s electrification moment

Government subsidies for telecommunications are nothing new. The US government has had subsidies in place for decades to bring phone services and early internet access to rural areas. What’s new is the scale of the investment – $100 billion in broadband infrastructure money – and the broadband speeds that this new infrastructure can bring to unserved and underserved communities. Nokia is tracking these programs to help operators navigate the many programs that are in place. Learn more from our US Broadband Infrastructure funding explainer.

How Nokia can help

Put the depth of our experience and the breadth of our solutions portfolio to work for you.  With Nokia as your partner, you can effectively navigate the broadband opportunity and build a deployment plan that will serve you well into the future. We’ve helped  service providers across the US use their infrastructure to deliver innovative broadband services – creating new revenues streams for the providers and new growth opportunities for the communities they serve. We can provide you with planning, guidance, solutions and trusted expertise to help you offer new carrier-grade broadband services while improving the reliability and effectiveness of your grid communications network.

Our broadband fiber solution lets you bring multi-gigabit access services to rural communities in under-served areas, allowing them to extend voice, data, IPTV and smart-meter communications services to every home and business. Our fixed-wireless access (FWA) solution complements fiber infrastructure by enabling you to cost-effectively reach widely dispersed homes in rural areas and realize aggressive rollout schedules.

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