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Accelerate into Gigabit with fiber

Build fiber networks that will never let you or your customers down

Get ready for the future of fiber broadband

Fiber broadband is already the foundation of the connected world. But in the near future, every single device and every single user will depend on fiber to stay connected.  

That means building an FTTH network needs long-term thinking: a network that meets your business requirements today, but can efficiently evolve with growing customer demand.  

Nokia fiber broadband solutions already deliver three generations of PON technology on the same hardware. Start with Gigabit GPON and know that you can easily boost network capacity by a factor of 4 or even 10 with XGS-PON or 25G PON. With Nokia’s future-proof platform you can capitalize on opportunities whenever and wherever you’re ready while protecting your network investment for decades to come. 

Meet Quillion

Unbeatable speeds
  • 1, 10 or 25 Gigabit speeds available today
  • Differentiate consumer and enterprise services
  • Competitive advantage
Highly efficient
  • Single converged high-capacity network for all services
  • Lowest OPEX
  • Most energy efficient access technology
  • Scales to deliver enhanced broadband coverage and 5G transport
  • Future-proof capacity
  • Most graceful evolution

Deliver Gigabit connectivity to all

To connect everyone and everything with Gigabit speeds, you need solutions fit for any deployment strategy—for urban or rural, new or existing markets, consumer or enterprise services. Discover technologies that enable you to deliver the best connectivity at the right cost. 

Best in-home connectivity

Connecting homes with fiber is the first step. Delivering seamless connectivity throughout the home is next. Nokia WiFi creates a broadband experience that customers can’t resist, provides tools to maximize performance, reduces downtime and gives you upselling insights.

Beyond residential FTTH

Increase the revenue potential of your fiber network by extending your service offering. Existing fiber networks, deployed for consumers, can easily serve enterprise customers and enable efficient 5G transport.

Gain efficiency

Streamline operations with network virtualization; master network deployments and evolutions with the support of our professional services experts.

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Nokia Accelerate into the Gigabit era with Fiber + 5G

Nokia Accelerate into the Gigabit era with Fiber + 5G


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Security for PON Business Services

Security for PON Business Services

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Discover how we are helping customers worldwide to enhance their broadband services.


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