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Cloud Support Services

Optimize performance and maximize business results

Complex environments require superior support and care

In today’s rapidly evolving, complex environment, service providers are looking for more support than ever before. Slow issue resolution, inefficient systems and overburdened teams can mean diminished customer satisfaction and over-taxed capacity.

Service providers need faster problem resolution, stronger customer relationships, healthier systems and more streamlined training. They need to find a partner who offers strong support services to help them optimize performance and maximize business results.

Nokia support and care keeps telecom networks performing their best

Nokia Cloud Support Services help you deliver superior end-user experiences, seize new revenue opportunities and optimize network and operational performance. Our teams offer industry-leading expertise and global reach that will help you to realize the full potential of technology investments and achieve high performance.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, our performance optimization and customer support services predict bottlenecks and problems allowing action to be taken before customers are impacted. If problems do arise, we provide customers quicker restore times, greater access to technical support and more collaborative opportunities.

Nokia Performance and Care overview

Nokia anomaly detection service


  • How much budget do you spend finding network performance issues?
  • Do parts of your core network or different RAN cells perform worse than others, but you don’t know why?
  • Can you analyze your data effectively to identify previously unknown problems?

Situations where you don’t know you have a problem can seriously affect your business. How do you identify issues lurking right in front of you that you don’t even know to look for? Oftentimes your data holds the necessary clues.

Nokia Anomaly Detection Service uses a series of Bell Labs algorithms to analyze network performance data, categorize network behavior and identify previously unknown anomalies. It enables you to:


  • Reduce the time and cost to identify network performance anomalies and previously unknown issues.
  • Leverage investments in data lakes and analytics platforms to drive ROI.
  • Establish a dynamic baseline for core network and RAN cell performance that adjusts according to the normalized behavior of the network.

Nokia Core TV series #5: Avoiding network incidents with Predictive Network Monitoring

Why Nokia for telecom cloud support services

  • Access to Nokia’s telecom experts
  • Anomaly detection discovers unknown problems in the network
  • Predictive monitoring fixes issues before customers are impacted
  • Faster restoration and shorter service disruptions
  • Annual product training
  • Annual system audits
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Industry best practices

Support you can trust


customer support cases/year


software upgrades annually

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