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Data center services

Build a strong foundation for the cloud

Nokia Data Center Services helps you create and maintain custom-made multivendor cloud infrastructure that is agile, cost effective and matched to your business needs.

Our DevOps approach with centralized delivery, automation and tools, addresses the entire multivendor data center lifecycle from modelling, design, and implementation to operations, maintenance and optimization.

Did you know ?

Cloud Collaboration Hub for Asia-Pacific

In January 2018, Nokia launched the Cloud Collaboration Hub in Singapore, to serve the Asia Pacific Region. The facility is the global hub for design development and deployment of multivendor data center services.

Prime Integration Services for cloud transformation

Nokia has also launched Prime Integration Services for Cloud for end-to-end cloud transformation projects ensuring future-proof deployment with minimized risks and rapid delivery.

Data center integration is being outsourced

More than 60 percent of operators are looking to outsource data center integration due to the complexity associated with tailor-made infrastructure built for individual operator strategies.*

*Source: Heavy Reading Service Provider Survey, December 2015 (research conducted together with Nokia)

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