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Device software customization

Tailor-made device software for first responders on the move

Many public safety agencies are looking to adopt mission-critical broadband based on LTE networks. Among the changes this brings is the opportunity for first responders to use smart devices, giving them the power of evolved communications on the move. Smart devices are poised to become the new age Swiss knife for first responders.

Most public safety smart devices for LTE run on Android. Although this offers a flexible multipurpose OS for consumers, public safety agencies need something more specific to their operational needs and workflows.

Nokia Device Software Customization service meets this demand.

The service provides tailor-made Android firmware designed for the operational needs of public safety agencies. Traditional is seamlessly merged with new-age as first responders benefit from a familiar interface on top of the smart software which provides vital information at a glance. This bespoke experience is complemented with extensive ‘under the skin’ modifications to meet mission critical reliability, performance and security requirements. The firmware can be deployed across all types of Android smart devices, ruggedized or BYOD, meeting the minimum hardware specifications.

Nokia also provides technical support with mission critical service levels for the custom firmware throughout its lifecycle.

The custom device firmware can be deployed on any vendor’s smart Android device belonging to the public safety agency

First responders benefit from a familiar user experience on top of the new firmware

The interface minimizes clutter to provide vital information at a glance and one touch access to essential functions. This saves time in emergency situations when every second counts

The custom firmware is designed and tested to meet the enhanced security and mission critical performance and reliability needs of public safety

Nokia has strong partnerships with key device providers for mission-critical environments


Nokia has the scale, processes and capabilities to handle custom software projects with mission critical service level agreements (SLAs)

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