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Managed Security Services (MSS)

Your trusted partner for protecting you against 5G security threats in the digital era

Digital transformation continuously introduces cybersecurity challenges in the operational technology (OT) environment that cannot always be addressed by conventional IT security controls and supporting tools.  

Instead of spending excess time on manual security tasks that could be automated and getting stuck with software security tools that are fragmented and too slow, take advantage of Nokia's 24x7 telecom network domain & expertise. Enhance your security requirements with Nokia Managed Security Services (MSS) to rapidly prevent and stop threats before they materialize.

Elements of Managed Security Services

Nokia Managed Security Services offers you the most complete portfolio of value-added telco security services tailored to protect both OT/5G networks and IT technology from the evolving cyber threats in the 5G and Industry 4.0 era:

  • Security Risk Index (SRI)
  • Security Infrastructure Management (SIM)
  • Security Governance, Risk & Compliance Management (GRC)
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) 

Nokia's Managed Security Services portfolio is fully aligned with the 'Continuous & Defense-in-depth Adaptive Security Architecture', as well as references including MITRE ATT&CK, Nokia's Bhadra Telecom Framework, ITU-T x.805, etc.


Telecom-specific test cases


Security certificates

Full suite

SRI, Infrastructure, GRC and SIOC Services


NSA/CFIUS complaint setup, ANSSI Cooperation


Uncover the Top 5G Security Trends

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Security Risk Index (SRI)

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and minutes to ruin it with cyber incidents

Remain secure against frequent and sophisticated 5G cyber threats with periodic security risk assessments of your telecom infrastructure. Nokia Security Risk Index (SRI) is designed to evaluate and identify risks associated with applicable 5G threats and security weaknesses:

  • Operational readiness assessment
  • Risk Index and Maturity
  • Detailed audits/reports
  • Security blueprint/roadmap

3,000 +

Improvements in overall security posture incidents (SRI score) avoided per customer each year.

Security Infrastructure Management (SIM)

Cybersecurity goes beyond IT

5G security infrastructure covers numerous technologies and products that address specific use cases across different communication stacks in both IT and OT domains. Increasing functionality of your cybersecurity infrastructure can improve flexibility to support different business models.

The technologies and products are highly dynamic and change with the evolving threat landscape and many CSPs and enterprise entities lack the diverse skillset that is needed to manage and operate security technologies. 

Layers of Nokia's Security Infrastructure Management

Nokia's Security Infrastructure Management services is vendor-neutral, and our experts work with your architecture to ensure each layer of your communication stack is secured using the right technology:

  • Network & infrastructure layer
  • Data application layer
  • Data centric layer
  • User identity & user access layer
  • Monitoring & governance layer

Threat Intelligence Report 2023

Security Governance, Risk & Compliance Management (GRC)

Telco security cannot be an afterthought

Threat agents and attack vectors are not slowing down anytime soon. You are challenged to comply with multiple security controls, standards and compliance mandates to demonstrate operating effectiveness to auditors, customers and regulators.

4 types of 5G cybersecurity controls:

Nokia Security Governance, Risk & Compliance Management services is an umbrella framework created to verify design and operating effectiveness of your security controls:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Security configuration management
  • Application security management
  • Process lifecycle management

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Don't just prevent attacks, learn how to survive them

“By 2024, more than 90% of buyers looking to outsource to security services providers will focus on threat detection and response services.”

Nokia's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) takes care of incident management covering the "detect" and "response" part of the defense-in-depth security architecture exclusively focusing on the timely detection and remediation of cyber-attacks getting through the preventative security controls of your architecture. 

It is designed to hunt proactively the 5G security requirements of critical assets and the corresponding threat scenarios since the relevant generic IT security controls cannot be applied one to one in the 5G security domain. Threat intelligence is used to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time. 

5G-ready E2E adaptive security operations

There are never too many cybersecurity attack vectors we can't deal with

Unlike other MSSPs, Nokia MSS global 'Security Intelligence and Operations Centers (SIOC) in Romania, India and France combine specific use cases both IT and telecom technologies' for remote security monitoring and response services based on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms.  

Our European Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in France supports 5G transformations based on research and development of innovative cybersecurity strategies to secure critical network infrastructure and information assets and enhance the threat prevention, detection and response capabilities of our telecom and enterprise customers.

Organizations investing in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services saw:

Detect and Respond:
50% reduction in mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)

Cost saving:
up to 50% of cost savings in cybersecurity operations

Reports threats faster:
60% - 75% attainment on first to know and first to report threats

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