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Managed Security Services (MSS)

Protect against cybersecurity threats in the 5G and Industry 4.0 era

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Digital transformation of CSPs and verticals yields significant productivity and efficiency benefits while it introduces challenges in the operational technology (OT) environment from cybersecurity perspective that cannot always be addressed by conventional IT security controls and supporting tools.

Nokia delivers managed security services - comprising of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) as well as wide variety of value-added telco security services - for communication service providers and enterprise customers tailored to protect both operational technology (5G security) and IT environment of CSPs and verticals from the evolving cyber threats in the 5G and Industry 4.0 era.

Advanced incident management in 5G security? The answer is Nokia’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

As the central part of the managed security services portfolio Managed Detection and Response (MDR) takes care of incident management covering the “detect” and “response” part of the defense in depth security architecture of our customers exclusively focusing on the timely detection and remediation of cyber-attacks getting through the preventative security controls of that architecture. The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) telco security service capability is designed to meet the 5G security requirements of critical assets and the corresponding threat scenarios since the relevant generic IT security controls cannot be applied one to one in the 5G security domain. Leveraging Nokia’s own XDR platform capabilities Managed Detection and Response (MDR) telco security services provides the holistic optimization of contextual processes, skills, and technology in the field of incident management of 5G security.


Home of 5G security

Security Operation Center tailored for 5G security – optimized cooperation of technology, processes, and skillsets for effective telco security services

Value added telco security services for advanced 5G security

On the top of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services Nokia provides wide range of value-added services within its Managed Security Services tailored to 5G security requirements

  • Assessment services – providing full visibility of posture in 5G security
  • Security infrastructure management – Complementing in built 3GPP 5G security features to have a strong preventative posture
  • Vulnerability management – discovering and remediating vulnerabilities of assets in 5G security
  • Secure configuration and hardening – Establishing solid security baseline of assets in 5G security
  • Audit and compliance management – Demonstrating compliance with regulations and standards in 5G security
  • Security control lifecycle management – Design, implement, correct, and adapt security controls according to 5G security requirements.
  • SW and application security services – Ensuring 5G security design principles in application development

White labeled telco security services – monetizing 5G security

Nokia Managed Security Services can also be provided as a white label model to allow communication service providers to provide this service under their own brand to their enterprise customers. Wide variety of telco security services modules can be part of the passthrough offering such as Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and other value-added services from Nokia’s telco security services portfolio.

Monetizing 5G security – white labeled telco security services for enterprise customers

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Adapting the incident management process flow for 5G

Adapting the incident management process flow for 5G

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