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Broadband on Trains

Providing high-speed broadband access on trains

Railway operators are in a strong position to provide a more comfortable and convenient passenger experience than other forms of transport. An important service is to provide on-board high-speed broadband access. While private passengers will enjoy fast Internet access, video streaming and online gaming, business travellers will appreciate the chance to work while on the move.

In parallel, broadband availability on trains helps rail operators to use applications such as video monitoring for increased security, enhanced ticketing and seat reservation services, and other tools that can access data online to help improve processes and reduce operational costs.

Onboard broadband connectivity improves the passenger experience and helps to improve railway operational efficiency

    Connected passenger

    • Information and entertainment
    • Internet access

    Connected staff

    • Handheld PC for ticketing
    • Passenger counting system
    • Train monitoring


      Connected fleet

      • Train monitoring
      • Surveillance cameras
      • Driver decision support


      • On-screens/laptop portal
      • Bistro
      • > 100,000 possible customers per month

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