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Cloud Data Center Interconnect for Large Enterprises

Implement business-critical data center interconnect to support your enterprise private/hybrid cloud


As data volumes continue to increase, and you consolidate and virtualize your data centers, you need data center interconnect solutions that take full advantage of agile, flexible and dynamic cloud IT models.

Nokia Cloud DCI offers a more scalable, reliable and secure way to connect data centers in private/hybrid clouds.

Our solutions provide business-critical DCI for the cloud to reduce the risk to your data – and your customers’ data. Cloud DCI helps you meet strict business continuity, regulatory and compliance requirements.



Nokia business-critical cloud DCI solutions support multiple DCI applications, from real-time business continuity and disaster recovery, to synchronous data replication and cloud backup.

Our solutions support real-time AES 256-bit encryption with “quantum proof” symmetric keys for the highest levels of security and ultra-low latency at data rates of 100 Gigabits per second.

Centralized key management ensures the quality and integrity of the encryption keys and is independent certified to security standards such as NIST, Common Criteria and ANSSI.

Optical intrusion detection tools, including wavelength tracking and Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry (OTDR), localize problems and detect fiber cuts and network intrusions through variations in optical power levels.

Nokia DCI professional services provide rapid deployment capability for DCI build-outs. Consulting services provide financial analysis and modeling, high-level design, and certification as a service.

Nokia build, operate and transfer services help you to cost-effectively roll out, operate, and manage your DCI network, reduce operational risk and time-to-market, and alleviate expertise and resource constraints.

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