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Digital Operations Center

Enable new digital services and slice-based revenue opportunities


Digital Operations Center is the award-winning Nokia solution for a round-trip, closed-loop automated process to design, deploy and operate 5G network slices at scale across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology environments.

  • Enables services providers to tap into the sliced services market opportunity of 4.3 trillion dollars (KPMG, 2019) cost-efficiently at scale through close-loop automation.
  • Provides a fully automated platform to manage the full service lifecycle from design, deploy and assure closing the loop between traditionally separate fulfillment and assurance processes.
  • Helps service providers to adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as they expand to vertical industries and enable evolved network commerce and business models.

Connect the network to the business

Introducing Digital Operations Center from Nokia

business intent


tailored services on-demand, quickly and efficiently based on business-intent


the services instantly with intent driven fulfillment and orchestration


the service lifecycle with built-in AI-driven automated assurance

Automation success at Telenor Norway

Pushing automation to new levels in 5G VINNI

The European Commission-funded 5G-VINNI (5G Verticals Innovation Infrastructure) project is demonstrating how complexity can be overcome and network slicing made as easy as possible with automated orchestration, operations and management systems. A VINNI initiative led by Telenor (Norway) has proven that live, zero-touch, end-to-end cross-domain and cross-service provider network slice orchestration and automation are possible, including one-click deployment. It has shown clearly that automation and open APIs can enable a myriad of new vertical-market use cases.

Explore our 5G VINNI case study



Capitalize on 5G opportunity with Digital Operations Center

“Network slicing will open up a realm of exciting possibilities for our enterprise customers to go to market quicker with new and innovative 5G-powered services, such as virtual reality, IoT and smart factory applications. We are happy to be trialling network slicing capabilities with Nokia.”

Mark Chong / Group Chief Technology Officer, Singtel

“To deliver a high level of network dynamicity and control to enterprises while guaranteeing SLAs and customer experience, CSPs will need to evolve their operations to an intent driven automated operations model. Nokia’s Digital Operations Center, combining network orchestration and assurance capabilities, provides the key software building blocks for intent driven operations and enables CSPs to offer on-demand enterprise network services based on 5G network slicing.”

Anil Rao / Chief Analyst, Analysys Mason

“Nokia Digital Operations Center is an important step to making the full set of network slicing capabilities available for CSPs as we move from the consumer aspect of 5G to the enterprise and industrial side of 5G. Digital Operations Center encompasses a full menu of capabilities, all built on Nokia’s Common Software Foundation, to give our customers the full flexibility and agility they need to deliver to their own customers.”

Brian McCann / Chief Product Officer, Nokia Software

“Up to 72% of 5G revenue growth is dependent on transformation of operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS).”


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