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Virtualized cloud services

Make cloud services and datacenter networks more agile with policy-based automation

Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) is the datacenter and cloud networking framework of Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP). It lets you automate the configuration, management and optimization of virtual networks, including security services that provide tenant isolation and access controls to individual applications and workloads.

Designed for service providers and enterprises, VCS is a non-disruptive software-defined networking (SDN) overlay for all virtualized and non-virtualized server and network resources. It is transparent to the underlying physical infrastructure and provides a complete cloud networking framework that requires no specialized hardware. You can install all components of VCS in Docker containers, hypervisors or virtual machines.

With VCS, you can use policy-based automation to make your IT services more responsive and increase your business agility. VCS helps you eliminate the constraints and complexity of cloud networking so that you can:

Make your network as dynamic and flexible as compute resources by automating instantiation of network services and devices

Gain a competitive advantage by supporting open-source and emerging tools such as Docker containers

Scale to meet the demands of thousands of tenants that have unique application requirements, distinct security policies and committed service levels

Apply granular security policies in an intelligent, consistent and provable way across the entire cloud

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