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Delivering performance and capability without compromise

Revolutionary 3.0 Tb/s network processor

The Nokia FP4 network processor lets service providers and webscale operators implement IP networks that deliver unprecedented scale, security and functionality without sacrificing performance.

The FP4 is the world’s first 3.0 Tb/s network processor. It builds on three generations of our leading-edge network processors to set a new standard in IP routing silicon design.

With IP routing platforms powered by FP4, you can:

  • Support massive, multi-dimensional scale without compromising intelligence or performance
  • Adapt to transient conditions with real-time telemetry and insight-driven network automation
  • Secure systems and data with network-integrated DDoS mitigation
  • Get maximum value from your network investments with routing platforms that deliver hardware and software extensibility

Reimagine IP networks: massive scalability, security and adaptability without compromise — 02:22

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