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5G for Manufacturing

5G for Manufacturing workshop

Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program 5G for Manufacturing Workshop

The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program brings the 5G experience to life.

The 5G Manufacturing Workshop is an in person learning experience led by Nokia subject matter experts. The Workshop combines technology instruction and practical case-studies for creating an interactive and powerful learning opportuity.

Through this approach participants gain knowledge, test understanding and discuss the application of key 5G Industrial Automation technologies in their own environment.​

Course Structure

Unit 1: Introduction to Industrial Automation

Unit 2: Exploration of 5G Radio Access, Network and Digital IA Enablers

Unit 3: Applying 5G enablers to Industrial Automation use-cases

Learning Content

A roadmap for 5G in manufacturing, applying theory to real-world and futuristic applications

A comprehensive exploration of safety, productivity, efficiency and sustainability needs driving 5G in manufacturing and industrial automation​

An exploration of 5G Radio Access, Network and Digital enablers of manufacturing and industrial automation.

A case and exercise-based exploration of:

  • How to leverage 5G to collect data, build knowledge, and drive real-time actions in manufacturing and other industrial automation processes​
  • How to apply a recommended implementation approach for 5G enabling automation in manufacturing
5g certification

5G for Manufacturing workshop

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Nokia Bell Labs 5G for Manufacturing workshop



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