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Nokia Bell Labs and Mobile Networks 5G Certification Program 5G Cloud Native RAN

The 5G Certification Program brings the 5G experience to life.

Learners will understand the importance of Cloud Native RAN including the strong impact on the RAN infrastructure and the enablement of new use cases. They will be able to identify the drivers and business cases for Cloud Native RAN and how it benefits the industry enterprise and CSPs.

Explain the technical enablers and 3GPP standards that drive implementation of Cloud Native RAN. And finally understand how Cloud Native RAN will deeply change the RAN architecture in the near future.​

Course Structure

Unit 1: Cloud Native Drivers and Principles

Unit 2: 5G Cloud Native RAN Microservices Architecture

Unit 3: 5G Cloud Native RAN Open Interfaces and API

Unit 4: HW & SW Infrastructure Agnostic

Unit 5: 5G Cloud Native RAN Orchestration & Automation

Unit 6: 5G Cloud Native RAN Evolution and Challenges

Learning Content

Identify the business drivers and principles of Cloud Native RAN.

Explore the journey toward virtualization and container-based technologies to achieve a Microservices Architecture illustrated with examples as well as different 5G cloud RAN deployment options.

Describe Open interfaces, Open APIs following 3GPP, O-RAN standards and the service mesh topology for 5G Cloud RAN.​

Analyze the different hardware and software cloud-agnostic infrastructure concepts and how 5G RAN applications are being deployed on different cloud infrastructures.

Understand development, orchestration and automation management concepts applied to the operation of a 5G Cloud Native RAN including full security capabilities and exploration of a few use cases.

Anticipate the steps of moving forward to 5G Cloud Native RAN and the expected challenges associated.

5G Cloud Native RAN

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Nokia Bell Labs and Mobile Networks 5G Cloud Native RAN



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