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Nokia Certified Service Routing Architect (SRA) 2022 Updates

SRA Certification updates

Effective April 1st, 2022 – The Nokia Certified Service Routing Architect (SRA) will undergo minor updates to the elective exam requirements with the addition of new EVPN Services and Segment Routing exams and courses.  Keep reading to learn more about this and other SRA updates coming in 2022.

SRA Certification elective exams update

See figure 1 below to see a comparison of the current SRA requirements and planned updates effective April 1, 2022. 

SRA 2022 elective updates


Other SRA Certification updates

Written exam and course updates

On October 1, 2021, we announced the following exams and courses were updated to SR OS 21.7 and MD-CLI with CLI solutions still being available in the course lab guides:

We are planning to update the remaining two exams and recommended courses in 2022, and we will announce when they will be available at least three months in advance:


    SRA Lab Exam

    We are currently delivering the SR OS 13.5 version of the SRA Lab Exam (ASRA4A0), which is now available for virtual delivery. We are planning to update the lab exam to version 21.7 using a choice of MD-CLI or CLI, no sooner than Q2' 2022 (April-June). Our goal is to ensure that eligible candidates have enough time to register and take the exam before we change to the new version. We will provide ample notice before the exam is updated.  To learn more about the SRA lab exam and to register, visit -


    SRA Lab Workshops 

    The SRA Lab Workshops, which included the following four 1-day workshops and were designed to help prepare participants for the SRA Lab Exam are now retired due to lack of interest. Participants interested in preparing for the SRA Lab Exam can still access our My SR Lab service and use the 36 SRA practice scenarios or attend any of our hands-on SRC courses to develop practical skills.

    • Nokia SRA Lab Workshop - Quality of Service (OP00490-C-1708)  

    • Nokia SRA Lab Workshop - Virtual Private Routed Networks (OP00492-C-1708)

    • Nokia SRA Lab Workshop - Border Gateway Protocol (OP00489-C-1708)    

    • Nokia SRA Lab Workshop - Virtual Private LAN Services (OP00491-C-1708)


    If you have any questions about the SRA Certification updates, contact