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Nokia Multicast Protocols

Course Number: 3FL30640AAAAZZZZA
Course Duration: 5 days
Price: $3,125 US

Course Overview

The Nokia Multicast Protocols course provides in-depth training on IP Multicast including concepts, terminology, addressing, signaling protocols, design, and implementation considerations. Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of IP multicast theories and concepts; Describe the operation of a multicast enabled network; Describe the operation of Internet Group Management Protocol and Protocol (IGMPv2 and IGMP v3) and Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM); Describe the techniques used for providing resiliency in multicast networks; Implement IPv6 multicast using MLD, SSM, and ASM; Describe the operation of and implement a multicast VPN (multicast virtual private network) using Draft Rosen; Describe the operation and configuration of a next generation MVPN (NG MVPN). The course includes hands-on lab exercises to help students understand how to configure and implement multicast in a Nokia Service Router network.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the need for multicasting and the types of multicast applications
  • Differentiate between the methods of IP packet delivery and their characteristics
  • Recognize the component protocols of a multicast enabled network
  • Understand IP multicast addressing
  • Understand the role of the interior gateway protocol (IGP) in a multicast-enabled network
  • Describe the operation of Internet Group Management
  • Protocol (IGMPv2 and IGMPv3) and IGMP snooping
  • Configure and verify the operation of IGMP and identify its parameters
  • Understand the issues and solutions of multicasting on Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of protocol independent multicast – sparse mode (PIM-SM) and protocol independent multicast – source specific multicast (PIM-SSM) protocol behavior
  • List the benefits of SM/SSM (Content control, Redundancy, Simplicity)
  • Implement multicast using SSM and IGMPv2
  • Differentiate between shared- and source-based trees and their usage
  • Successfully configure, monitor and troubleshoot a PIMSM and PIM-SSM intra-domain multicast deployment using Nokia verification and debugging tools
  • Explain convergence in the multicast access and multicast core network
  • Provide a scalable, redundant rendezvous point solution
  • Describe the multicast routing policy and mCAC policy
  • Describe the structure of IPv6 multicast address and identify its fields (flags, scope, group ID)


  • Operate and configure Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol (MLD)
  • Operate and configure PIM source-specific multicast (SSM) in the context of IPv6
  • Operate and configure PIM Any source multicast (ASM) in the context of IPv6
  • Describe the impact of IPv6 on RPs (embedded RP)
  • Describe the purpose and operation of the I-PMSI and S-PMSI in Draft Rosen
  • Describe PIM signaling in a Draft Rosen network
  • Configure a network of Nokia 7750 SRs for Draft
  • Rosen and verify their correct operation
  • List the differences between NG MVPN and Draft Rosent
  • Describe the enhancements to MP-BGP for auto discovery (AD) in an NG MVPN
  • Explain how the I-PMSI and S-PMSI are created with BGP AD
  • Configure a network of Nokia 7750 SRs for an NG VPN with BGP AD
  • Describe how customer multicast group information can be distributed with MP-BGP
  • Configure a network of Nokia 7750 SRs to distribute customer multicast groups with MP-BGP
  • Describe how an NG MVPN can be created with a PIM-free core using MPLS LSPs
  • Describe the operation of mLDP to signal point-to-multipoint LSPs
  • Describe the operation of RSVP-TE to signal point-to-multipoint LSPs.
  • Configure and verify the correct operation of an NG MVPN with mLDP and RSVP-TE point to multipoint LSPs

Course Modules

  • Module 1 - Technology Overview of IP Multicast
  • Module 2 - Intra-domain Multicast protocols (IGMP, PIM)
  • Module 3 - Multicast Resiliency and Policy


  • Module 4 - IPv6 Multicast
  • Module 5 - Draft Rosen
  • Module 6 - NG MVPN

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Nokia Multicast Protocols

Price for this course is $3125 (USD) per seat

Duration: 5 days

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Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

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