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Enhance first responders’ situational awareness

Evolve to mobile broadband to power new public safety video and data-rich services

When lives are at stake, rich and reliable communications are a must. But to deliver new data, video, and IoT services, you need a secure, resilient mobile broadband data infrastructure. Nokia can help you build a public safety LTE network that enables the services first responders require for enhanced situational awareness, efficiency, and safety.

Challenge: Voice is not enough

Live video, remote database access, geo-location services, and other advanced mobile broadband applications could play a crucial role in improving public safety. But the use of voice-centric networks with narrowband data capabilities, limited interoperability, and closed ecosystems is preventing their deployment.

Solution: Evolve to public safety LTE

Nokia has the experience and expertise to deliver an end-to-end, standards-based, state-of-the-art LTE solution tailored to meet your mission-critical requirements. We support any deployment, wherever you need it — along with mission-critical resiliency, network security, and a wide range of powerful new broadband applications.

Greater awareness

Mobile broadband delivers more information — faster — for better situational awareness and safer operations

Highest resiliency

You get the crucial mission-critical reliability and security you need for public safety communications

Rapid adoption

Start using mobile broadband quickly, regardless of your deployment model

Our end-to-end approach

With experience in both public safety and mobile broadband, Nokia can act as your trusted partner while you evolve to a public safety LTE network. Our end-to-end capabilities and comprehensive portfolio of products and services provide the following benefits:

Deployment flexibility
We help you assess deployment models — and offer solutions for quick deployment, as well as evolution between models.

Mission-critical service availability
Our solutions are designed with redundant equipment and power supplies, along with network topologies and features that enhance resiliency. We also use 3GPP standards to prioritize critical communications and include mechanisms to optimize quality of service.

Network security
Our end-to-end network security keeps both your information and users safe.

The coverage you need
We offer reliable radio networks for both indoor and outdoor locations, as well as deployable systems to provide capacity and coverage temporarily, for emergency situations.

Support for new applications
Our solutions help you fully leverage LTE network capabilities to deploy the new applications you want for your first responders.

Backhaul modernization
We also help you smoothly evolve your backhaul network to support mobile broadband securely — while protecting your investment.

Start now to transform your public safety communications

Enhance first responders’ situational awareness with mobile broadband

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