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Technology Partners



Our technology partners represent a range of companies who co-develop, co-market and/or co-sell value-added applications, modules or solutions in target industries to meet the needs of the fast-changing technological landscape.

The technology partner ecosystem is comprised of ISVs, IHVs and device partners, cloud partners, and Technology deployment, maintenance and support partners.

Such partners actively engage with Nokia technical resources and capabilities to create and provide products and solutions with demonstrated interoperability and compatibility with Nokia technologies and platforms. These address a wide range of use cases and accelerate time to market of value-added solutions to enable our customer's digital transformation journey.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Today’s businesses are being transformed by technologies like 5G, cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and others. The changing technological landscape and the need to innovate is driving organizations to seek solutions to their business needs in a shorter timeframe and become more competitive.

ISV partners and Nokia leverage joint technical innovation to create value added applications and software for customers built upon and compatible with each other’s technology/platforms.

Independent Hardware Vendors and Device Partners

Communication Service Providers and Enterprises today navigate a complex multi-vendor environment to modernize and optimize their global networks and technology infrastructure. Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) and Device Partners specialize in the development of specific hardware platforms, modules or accessories based on Nokia networking product specifications for the mobile connectivity, fixed network and data center markets.  

Since compatibility is a major concern for customers looking to deploy end-to-end solutions, Nokia works closely with IHVs and industrial device Partners to test and certify products to assure customers of their interoperability in a defined set of operating conditions. Our goal is to jointly explore and provide a portfolio of pre-tested modules and devices for use cases interoperable with Nokia 5G, Private Wireless, Digital Automation Cloud platforms and related solutions. 

Cloud Partners

According to Gartner, Cloud is expected to account for 14.2% of all IT spending in 2024, up from 9.1% in 2020. Cloud adoption takes many forms. Virtualizing the network will play a pivotal role but that alone isn’t enough. Being able to offer a diverse mix of services—to both consumers and enterprises—will require a new network architecture, cloud native solutions and digital automated operations. Many wireless operators around the globe have started on this path. Adopting a strong hybrid cloud strategy is necessary to stay competitive and thrive in the 5G era.  

We partner with leading Cloud and Kubernetes container platform partners from cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud orchestration to edge cloud and far edge cloud on-premises deployments, to help our customers succeed with scalable infrastructures and flexible operations. Together with our Partners, we allow to quickly respond to and cope with the unplanned and unexpected, move to an open, distributed cloud architecture to effectively reduce operating expenses and capital expenditures, while at the same time provide better connectivity, edge cloud automation and enable new use cases. 

Technology deployment, maintenance and support Partners

Antenna solutions have always been a vital part of mobile network deployment. Nokia offers complete portfolio of antenna solutions via its own and partners to cater to market demand. Thus, providing wide choice and unique products which suit their need. All related services for network planning, site design, installation, telecom implementation, etc., needed for the solution is provided by Nokia with single interface to the customer. Nokia’s customers stand to benefit with wide portfolio choices ecosystem, simplified operations along with clear responsibilities.

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