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Graduate and internship opportunities in Belgium


We hold a relevant position in Belgium as R&D site, working on the cutting-edge of network technology, as IoT, augmented intelligence and 5G. Our products and solutions are keeping networks in the word alive and running 24/7: we provide the technological infrastructure to players as Proximus, Orange and Telenet, to name a few.

Our campus in Antwerp hosts amongst others the headquarters of Fixed Networks, a major IP R&D department, activities in Cloud and customer experience and our innovation center Bell Labs, working on mid and longer-term fundamental research.

In the country we host 1350 employees hailing from 46 different countries: within Nokia we are considered as one of the “All Function Hubs”, with a concentration of most skills.

Are you a student in Computer Science, Telecom, Electronics or ICT engineering or are you looking for internships or a challenging job?The Antwerp campus is the place to be: feel encouraged to innovate and work with us on the next generation technologies that will shape the future.

Antwerp office


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Software development at Nokia brings together different ideas to life. Nokia promotes innovation, design, creation of deployable and maintainable software.


IP and optical Network

Working here will bring you the best of two worlds: startup and corporate.
As one of the key R&D sites for the IP and Optical Routing, you will join a team of 180 passionate and highly skilled engineers to deliver state-of-the-art products which will drive the next-generation of IP/Mobile networks.
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Fixed Network

Within the Software Development team, we are developing software that interacts with our Nokia Fixed Networks made state-of-the-art ASIC and FPGA SoC’s, which involves the latest transport technologies both in Copper and Fiber. For our development process we work in a full DevOps way where we go for incremental software development, continuous integration and automated testing.
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At Nuage Networks we shape the transformation of Enterprise and Telecommunications networks through Software Defined Networking (SDN).
We're looking for technology geeks who love developing code (python, Go, ansible) and want to learn everything about cloud and SDN. You will be developing and test-automating Nuage Networks SDN within cloud infrastructure platforms such as OpenStack (BareMetal servers and virtual machines) and Kubernetes (containers).
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If you are looking for an exciting challenge in a dynamic environment, the hardware team of the Fixed Networks Division is the place for you to start! 

Our R&D projects connect our end-users to the access network but will also connect you with the other areas within R&D (SW, ASIC/FPGA and test) from concept to finalized product rolling of the production line while adhering to QoT (quality on time).



As a team, we are involved in the entire journey from concept to product.

We go the extra mile for quality and have a good time along the way. Next to architecture exploration and VHDL/Verilog design, our activities include designing flexible testbenches, building on-target test platforms and developing drivers and software applications. At the same time, we are continuously improving our development environment by introducing better tools and more automation.

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Pre-sales and delivery

Customer facing opportunities


In this team, you will build the Networks of Major Telecom Operators and Large to Extra-Large Enterprises in Europe, Middle East and Africa using Nokia Solutions like Triple-Play, Multi-Services Edge, Core, Mobile Backhauling, WIFI Offload, Mobile Packet Core (2G/3G/4G/5G), Security Gateway, Nuage/SDN & NFV and the respective Network Management System.
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Bell Labs Research

Nokia Bell Labs, the research arm of Nokia, is one of the world’s leading research institutions, chartered with producing disruptive innovations for the next phase of human existence.

With expertise in fixed, optics, wireless, artificial intelligence, analytics and cloud technologies and by collaborating openly with the global innovation community, we are seeking the technology solutions that will transform the connected world, enhancing the speed, capacity, efficiency and reliability of data, and the increasing automation and digitization of our lives. For 94 years, scientific breakthroughs at Nokia Bell Labs have fundamentally transformed the ICT industry, and has yielded 9 Nobel Prizes.

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Our interns

“During my internship at Nokia, I had both autonomy to work and received extensive support when needed. My contribution was appreciated and recognized by adding my name to the products I have worked on: this made me feel relevant for the team and the company!”

Costas / University of Ghent –New product interaction

“During my time at Nokia Bell Labs, I had the opportunity to work on the latest telecommunications technologies such as 5G and Passive Optical Networks. Nokia in Belgium is very international site: as an intern I had the chance to meet a lot of new people from different countries!”

Lorène, Mines
Lorène, Mines / ParisTech – Bell Labs

"At Nokia, I felt welcome and quickly involved as a member of the team. I worked in pairs with another intern and, by mixing our skills and with the excellent support from our team, we were able to deliver a good base ready for future expansion. It was a great experience despite the COVID-19 situation that forced us to adapt the way we were working together."

Arthur, UCLouvain
Arthur, UCLouvain / ASIC

Join us in Belgium and create the technology to connect the world