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Respecting our people in everything we do

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We foster a culture of high performance and high integrity, guided by our vision, brand, and values. It is through our people and culture that we shape technology to serve human needs. Our pursuit of performance with integrity and sustainability – a culture that stems from our Finnish roots – is key to why our customers and partners choose to work with us, and why our employees work for us. Common shared cultural principles and focus on Drive, Dare and Care is the cultural platform we use to shape our core common culture.

Highlights in 2017

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Our commitments, targets and performance

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We pursue high performance, always under the guiding principles of our values of:

  • Respect: Acting with uncompromising integrity, we work openly and collaboratively, seeking to earn respect from others.
  • Challenge: We are never complacent. We ask tough questions and push for higher performance to deliver the right results.
  • Achievement: We take responsibility and are accountable for driving quality, setting high standards, and striving for continuous improvement.
  • Renewal: We constantly refine our skills; learning and embracing new ways of doing things, and adapting to the world around us. 

We engage with our employees through numerous forums, activities, events and channels. For example, our second annual Global Day of Learning (GDOL) was a special event dedicated to reinforcing our culture of learning and our core value of renewal. It presented a unique opportunity through a full day’s schedule of virtual and in-person learning events, where our leaders highlighted how we are shaping our company and the future of technology. 

We uphold high standards of ethics and rights in our own internal activities, and aim to treat all our employees in a way that satisfies internationally recognized ethical and responsible business practices, customers, investors, partners and the relevant legislation, whether global or local. For more information on how we endeavor to ensure decent working conditions and fair employment see pages 121–127 of the People & Planet Report 2017.