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We create technology to solve many global challenges


Our technology is part of the solution for many global challenges and we are constantly working hard to make sure that we create value for people and our planet in a sustainable way. To verify the progress we are making, we issue yearly reports covering the key ethical, socio-economic and environmental issues that are most relevant to our business and our stakeholders.

On this page we present a summary of our progress in 2015. Further details are available in the People & Planet Report 2015 which covers our approach to sustainability and our focus areas, and summarizes our progress against the targets we had set for ourselves. If you wish to check more detailed sustainability data, download our report and go to page 118.

Here’s how some of our core technologies made a real difference in people’s lives

We launched a compact, rapidly deployable LTE network-in-a-box which allows vital public safety communication infrastructure to be rapidly established at emergency scenes where wide area network coverage is not available. As part of our cooperation with Save the Children, to help protect children and their communities in 350 villages in India, we announced that Nokia Networks will provide its LTE-based network-in-a-box solution for public safety mobile broadband in six of these villages.

We announced global availability of our life-saving emergency alert system. This system allows operators to deliver emergency messages to mobile subscribers in a specified area within minutes. In one country alone, the emergency alert system has already delivered more than 10 million messages covering 1000 emergencies.

African child and water tap

We continued piloting a web-based data collection system to monitor water availability in drought-prone regions of Ethiopia and Kenya together with Oxfam, and we monitored and mapped over 1000 water points across Kenya and Ethiopia, identifying a further 56 strategic water points to be incorporated into the project.

To learn more about how we improved people’s lives with technology last year, download the People & Planet Report 2015 and go to page 33.


Here’s how we helped protect the environment in 2015

We launched a Zero CO2 emission base station site offering that enables a reduction in base station site energy consumption of up to 70% and encourages the use of renewable energy. We’re proud of our Zero CO2 emission base station because it shows how we aim to minimize the environmental impact of providing broadband infrastructure, software and services. 

We had over 50 cases which helped our customers reduce their networks’ energy use and emissions. On average, the radio networks we modernized during 2015 consume now 45% less energy. We achieved a 12% emissions reduction in our own operations. 51% of the electricity we used was from renewable sources.


We enabled a reduction in base station energy consumption of 70%.


The radio networks we modernized during 2015 now consume 45% less energy. 


We achieved a 12% emissions reduction in our own operations.


Our overall energy consumption decreased by 7%.


51% of the electricity we used came from renewable sources.


We promoted responsible business practices

Around 98% of employees completed our Ethical Business Training which shows employees how the Nokia Code of Conduct can be applied to real-life scenarios.

Our Ethics & Compliance Office investigated 124 alleged violations of the Nokia Code of Conduct. As a result of these investigations, 62 employees were dismissed, a further 18 received written warnings and 32 were verbally counseled.

We also invited Save the Children to review Nokia’s processes and policies from a children’s right perspective.

To learn more, download the Nokia People & Planet Report 2015 and go to section Respecting people in everything we do

Here’s how Nokia became an even better place to work in 2015

We continued to employ a diverse range of people from all backgrounds, experiences, levels of education, genders, ages, and nationalities. This means that we’re a truly global workforce with employees from all over the world (at least 143 different nationalities).

We continued to support our employees’ personal development. On average 73% of our employees had a personal development plan in place.

We encouraged more frequent and less formal ways of recognizing individual performance. In addition, approximately 56,800 employees in 46 countries were given the opportunity to participate in the Employee Share Purchase Plan for the plan cycle in 2015.

To learn more, download the Nokia People & Planet Report 2015 and go to page 57.

We also improved privacy and security in the digital society

In 2015, we launched our first product dedicated to Internet of Thing (IoT) security: Mobile Guard for IoT, which expands our existing network-based malware detection and mitigation solution for smart devices to the IoT segment.

To learn more about how we respect people in everything we do, download the People & Planet Report 2015 and go to page 39.

Here are a few of the really great things we’ve accomplished with our suppliers and international organizations:

180 of our key suppliers reported their climate impacts via CDP and over 90 of them have set emission reduction targets. This helps us to plan improvement programs with our suppliers and improve our own emissions reporting.

In India we worked with Save the Children to help 176 villages create specific disaster-management plans, school safety plans, and village task forces. All of which will help keep children and their communities safe in the even of a natural disaster. The program has so far touched the lives of 350,000 people, including 185,000 children.

In Kenya, we supported Plan in the provision of ICT infrastructure for 25 schools, impacting 16,000 children, 580 teachers, 140 school board management members, and more than 1,000 community members.

In Uganda, a total of 155 schools benefitted from an SMS-based communication system which helps improve school governance. This program is also part of our cooperation with Plan.

In Finland, we partnered with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation to restore young people’s confidence in the future.

To learn more about how we work with our partners, download the People & Planet Report 2015 and go to page 90.


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