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Our awards

Our customers know they can rely on us for innovation and quality. And our industry knows it too – every year we’re proud to see our leadership in networking highlighted by awards from prestigious industry groups, technology publications and technical forums. In addition todemonstrating ourmarket leadership, these awards showcase the outstanding capabilities that our products, solutions andservices bring to our customers. Here are some of our recent awards:

2017 awards

Telco Data Analytic Awards
Marras, 2017

Telco Data Analytic Awards

Most Innovative Use of AI and ML Technology

The winning entry of 'Most Innovative Use of AI and ML Technology' contained the following Nokia AVA powered solutions:

  • Mobility Analysis & Optimization uncover patterns in subscribers' movements around the network, making optimization recommendations by learning from the best performing parts of the network. With this approach, it is possible to reduce dropped calls by up to 35 percent and time needed for optimization activities by 60 percent.
  • With Spectral Performance Analysis, we use same kind of approach to enable dividing cells into smaller zones with similar usage and radio signal characteristics. Simulations show a potential of 15 percent increase in ROI through more granular capacity planning.
  • In addition, Similar Ticket Recognition, Cell Site Degradation Prediction and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) introduced in the earlier article were included in the scope of the award.
Glotel award
Marras, 2017

Glotel Awards 2017: AI Initiative of the year

"If you believe the media, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will almost certainly lead to Armageddon or (at the very least) losing your job to a robot.

Here at Nokia, we’re more optimistic. For one thing, our engineers have decades of experience and building an AI to replace them would be unfeasibly expensive and difficult! No, we see AI complementing our workforce and improving service delivery – we think of it more as ‘Augmented Intelligence’ supporting an experienced engineer, providing insights and solutions to help our engineers do their job. This approach is central to the Shannon Intelligence framework developed by Nokia Bell Labs, and named after a former employee, Claude Shannon, the so-called ‘father of information theory’. 

We’re already making this a reality with the launch of new Analytics Services powered by Nokia AVA, our big data platform. These services use AI tools including Similar Ticket Recognition, our MIKA digital assistant and software ‘robots’ to automate repetitive, time intensive tasks."  Dennis Lorenzin, head of Network Planning and Optimization, Global Services, Nokia

BB awards
Loka, 2017

BBWF Awards 2017

The BBWF's annual Broadband Awards are regarded as the most prestigious recognition of excellence in the broadband marketplace. This year, on the 25th of October at the Meistersaal in Berlin, Nokia won two of the most important and relevant Broadband Awards:

1. Achievement in Network Virtualization, awarded for Nokia’s Software Defined Access Network (SDAN) solution launched in early October, is an important recognition for Nokia’s strategy of taking a pragmatic approach that is open, standardized and vendor-agnostic to virtualize those parts of the network that significantly impact a service provider's operations. With SDAN, Nokia has collaborated with more than 30 service providers to address surging customer demand by smoothly integrating legacy as well as new cloud services.

2. Best Consumer 10Gbps consumer service based on next-generation PON, with SK Broadband. South Korea’s SK Broadband is one of the leading service providers in fiber ultra-broadband in terms of network coverage, number of users and speeds offered.  Using Nokia’s XGS-PON (next generation fiber offering 10 Gbps symmetrical bandwidth) SK Broadband is greatly improving the broadband experience of its customers. This award underscores Nokia’s leadership in next-generation fiber broadband by working closely with game-changing service providers across the world.
These Broadband Awards are a wonderful recognition of the innovation Nokia is continuously bringing to the market, and the difference we are making to our customers and their customers.

Ovum awards 2017
Loka, 2017

Ovum Industry Congress "On The Radar" Awards 2017

Nokia is the winner in category: Big Data, Analytics & AI

Nokia has applied machine learning and deep learning algorithms to improve the management of mobile networks. Deep learning algorithms analyse unstructured data to identify similar trouble tickets and improve efficiency by 40%. Machine learning used to correlate network data with external sources and predict service degradation up to 7 days in advance. Analytics combined with Robotic Process Automation to process network alarms 5x faster than human operators alone.

Syys, 2017

Nokia’s 7705 SAR-Hm wireless router was awarded 2017 Smart Grid Product of the Year for making power grids smarter

Announced by IoT Evolution World in September 2017, the award to the Nokia 7705 SAR-Hm wireless router recognizes Nokia’s innovation and leadership in smart grid technologies.  

With secure, reliable IP/MPLS services over LTE, the compact and rugged Nokia 7705 SAR-Hm is an integral part of the Nokia utility converged field area network (FAN) solution. It enables utilities to fully realize the promise of smart grids and IoT by making the grids more intelligent and responsive. It facilitates distributed intelligence with optimized machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in the field and can also wirelessly extend IP/MPLS services from wide area networks (WAN). In addition to utilities, it can also be deployed for field operations in transportation, oil & gas, mining and government.

Kesä, 2017

Leadership in IoT award

Nokia won the ‘Leadership in IoT’ award with Nokia worldwide IoT network grid (WING). The award was announced on 14 June at TechXL8 in London. This event celebrated the outstanding contributions in converging areas of technologies.

The concept of a one stop managed service for IoT was first introduced at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year and Nokia WING was launched to the wider industry at MWC17, in Barcelona. Nokia WING is a one stop managed service model for all global IoT needs. Besides the full infrastructure as a service (e.g. including the IoT platform and global Cloud based Core network aaS) we offer provisioning, operations, customer care, security, billing, anything needed to get CSPs' IoT businesses up and running and enterprises connected.

Touko, 2017

2017 GTB Telecoms Innovation Summit & Awards

Nokia won two awards at the Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Telecoms Innovation Summit held on 23 May in London in the category of “Best Infrastructure Innovation”.  The Infrastructure Innovation Award recognizes an exceptional partnership between an operator and an equipment vendor that brings a significant advance in connectivity over any part of the network in terms of bandwidth, quality of service, access, reliability or cost.

Voice Experience Optimization: helped Vodafone Germany identify unresolved network performance issues in the Greater Würzburg area, with a poll of more than 3,000 Vodafone subscribers confirming that voice quality had improved for 57% of the respondents.

Alp Transit Gotthard: Nokia played a pivotal role in deploying the entire communications network that also supports a range of mission-critical operational and passenger services for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest traffic channel that runs under the Alps and connects Zürich, Switzerland to Locarno, Italy.

Laboratory awards
Touko, 2017

2017 Irish Laboratory Awards

The winners of the Irish Laboratory Awards 2017 were announced at the gala luncheon on Thursday, May 25th at The Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin, with hundreds of industry figures in attendance. Nokia Bell Labs’ Ollie Burns was presented with the prestigious ‘Staff Member of the Year’ award by Virginia Walls, Communications Officer, Molecular Medicine Ireland.

WBENC award
Maalis, 2017

2017 WBENC Summit & Salute

Nokia was recognized as a WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) Top Corporation again, along with 50 of the 300+ WBENC Corporate members at the Summit & Salute event. Nokia has been recognized for this prestigious award for the last 10 years. WBENC's America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprises is the only national award honoring corporations who are choosing to integrate policies and programs enabling growth and reducing barriers for women-owned businesses; increasing opportunity in new markets – both domestically and internationally; fueling innovation; and empowering communities through economic growth and job creation.

Glomo award
Helmi, 2017

GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards at #MWC17

Nokia won an award in the category “Best IoT Innovation for Mobile Networks” at the 22nd GSMA Global Mobile Awards. This award recognizes Nokia for its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) end to end solution that includes IMPACT which is a standards based platform that securely manages any device across any protocol and application, and can scale to meet the growing IoT needs of our customers. Our solution provides an array of connectivity options including Low Power WAN options such as NBIoT and LORA. To help our customers explore new business models we have over 100 members in the IoT community that engage in collaboration sessions, agile prototyping and market trials with customers. The award was announced on 28 February at the World Mobile Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.