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Air Navigation Service Provider:
Ground-to-Ground network

High-performance, ultra-reliable IP networking
for new and legacy applications


Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are caught between two worlds. They know they need to upgrade to all-IP networks that will support modern air traffic management (ATM) applications and services, but they still rely heavily on legacy applications that are critical to their operations.

The Nokia Ground-to-Ground Network solution gives ANSPs a single, high-performance network that supports new and legacy ATM applications with high reliability and the unique quality of service (QoS) each application needs. The converged, end-to-end IP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) and microwave network can span airport, domestic and regional ANSP operations. And the solution includes expert network planning, deployment and support services that simplify and accelerate the transition.

With the Nokia Ground-to-Ground Network solution, ANSPs can continue to upgrade to safer, more efficient and effective ATM operations while maintaining continuity of service. And they can evolve their operations in a way that reduces costs, complexity and risks.

Use cases

The Nokia Ground-to-Ground Network solution gives ANSPs the reliable, high-performance network they need to support a variety of new use cases.

Increase efficiency

  • Provide air traffic control (ATC) services for remote towers
  • Use virtual pools of computing resources to analyze security videos and manage data for air traffic services

Increase visibility and security

  • Add CCTV cameras for operational/situational awareness 
  • Access video streams captured at airports equipped with virtual remote towers
  • Access information from remote radar systems

Benefits and features

With the Nokia Ground-to-Ground Network solution, ANSPs can achieve their operational and business goals:

Protect existing investments and ensure service continuity with a communications network that seamlessly delivers legacy applications and services as well as new applications and services with the QoS they need

Increase communications reliability with a network that delivers mission-critical resiliency

Reduce operational costs with a single, converged network for ATM, surveillance and navigation systems, voice, data, CCTV, business applications and IT systems

Simplify and accelerate your network upgrade with infrastructure services that streamline network planning, deployment and support

Increase network security with end-to-end cybersecurity measures that let you evolve from reactive responses to automated and proactive security measures

Accelerate digital transformation with a communications network that delivers the reliability, availability, performance and capabilities needed to support modern data, voice and video applications, and services

Comply with regulatory requirements with a communications network that meets ATC safety standards 

Meet short- and long-term international commitments for ATM communications with an end-to-end network that supports the next generations of ATC applications and services

Adopt innovative new business models with a communications network that makes it easy to introduce new technologies, applications and services

Solution in action

ANSPs around the world rely on our Ground-to-Ground Network solutions from Nokia to support their operational and business goals. Our customers include amongst others:

Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)

“Given our responsibility to ensure the smooth operation of the North Atlantic airspace, it has been crucial that Nokia earn our trust. The quality and reliability of its technology and the thoroughness and collaborative approach of its teams has been first class throughout the entire migration process. We are very pleased and confident in the performance of the new network.”
Billy Hann
Director of ATM Operations and Strategy for the IAA

Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) in Ireland

Skyguide in Switzerland

ANSP ground-to-ground solution network diagram

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