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Private Wireless solution for warehouse sites

Industrial-grade wireless connectivity to streamline logistics


Every business with warehouse sites can leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to improve productivity, meet escalating customer demands and create new efficiencies. To evolve their operations, warehouse operators need reliable, indoor-outdoor wireless connectivity that can support time-saving digital technologies and automation solutions.

The Private Wireless solution for warehouse sites brings pervasive, industrial-grade 4G or 5G wireless connectivity to warehouses and hubs of all sizes and complexity levels. The solution delivers low-latency, secure and reliable connectivity for voice, data, video and automation applications. It’s standards-based, and supports all applications with quality of service (QoS) levels best-effort Wi-Fi networks cannot achieve. And it provides a future-proof path for ongoing digital evolution to Supply Chain 4.0 and beyond.

With an industrial-grade 4G or 5G Private Wireless network, warehouse operators can:

  • Accelerate turnaround times to reduce the time goods spend in supply chains
  • Shift to more adaptable demand-supply planning to meet customer requirements
  • Decrease operating costs to stay competitive 
  • Keep customers informed about the status of goods in real time 
  • Meet tough customer service level agreements (SLAs) 

Use cases

The Nokia Private Wireless solution brings high-performance, low-latency, secure and reliable connectivity to every aspect of warehouse operations.

Increase efficiency and productivity

  • Move goods with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • Track finished goods throughout their journey in real time
  • Use augmented reality and virtual reality for worker training and goods picking
  • Use digital twins and advanced analytics to optimize warehouse operations 
  • Create self-optimizing supply networks
  • Automate purchasing based on predictive demand
  • Automate gates, doors and other access controls
  • Use drones to count inventories

Improve safety

  • Equip workers with smart wearables 
  • Use drones to inspect hazardous goods stored at warehouse site
  • Bring high-quality video surveillance to every corner of warehouse sites  

Extend visibility and improve situational awareness

  • Monitor warehouse conditions and security status
  • Use IoT sensor data to develop preventive and predictive maintenance strategies that minimize downtime
  • Combine real-time data with augmented and virtual reality technologies to enhance training and simplify maintenance tasks
  • Automatically analyze video security footage

Benefits and features

With Nokia’s industrial-grade Private Wireless solution for warehouse sites, warehouse operators of all types, and in all industries, have a fast and reliable wireless network they can use to: 

Expand mobility

outdoors and indoors across even the largest, most complex warehouse sites

Increase efficiency and productivity

with digital technologies, automated processes, applications and mobility

Increase warehouse flexibility and agility

and support real-time planning and changeability

Maximize uptime

and deliver the reliability and performance Supply Chain 4.0 applications demand

Make better, more informed decisions

with the real-time data needed for clear operational visibility

Increase worker value

by automating tedious tasks so workers can spend time on more valuable growth opportunities

Improve their competitive edge

by accelerating turnaround times and enhancing their unique selling proposition

Optimize end-to-end business output

by enabling real-time interactions with partner and supply chain ecosystems

Advance sustainability goals

with more efficient operations that reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprint

Nokia Private Wireless solution in action

In addition to supporting major warehouse operators such as Alibaba, we also use our Private Wireless solution at our own factory and warehouse sites.

Nokia Oulu factory in Finland

Zero-touch logistics and materials handling has big results

In our Oulu factory, wireless AMRs bring only the required quantities of materials to factory workstations on their route from the warehouse, allowing us to increase logistics productivity by 100%.

Nokia Chennai factory in India

Alibaba in China

Network diagram: Private wireless for warehouse sites

Solution components

The Nokia Private Wireless solution for warehouse sites includes all of the network components, integrated applications, pre-tested devices and APIs needed to meet the unique requirements at any warehouse site.


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