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Wrocław Garage

Light on the magic of technology


Our Why


Our vision

We believe that innovators are able to change the world, if they are supported by people like them, get the necessary knowledge and access to technology. Wroclaw Garage is a place where this is possible.

Our How

Our values

We believe that, in order to go in one direction, we need to work in harmony with our values. They are the foundation of Wroclaw Garage – both of the place and the whole community.


Shared knowledge, thoughts and experience are the leavens of development. It is a common way to ambitious goals and the everyday method of operation in Wroclaw Garage.


The multiplicity of viewpoints along with the diversity of competences and sensitivities is the natural environment for the development of innovation. This explosive mixture lets us create the ideas that otherwise would not have the chance to exist.


It is important to us that we sail together to a common destination. However, whether you choose a kayak, catamaran or just swimming is absolutely up to you. Work sitting down, standing up, lying down, in a group, or individually – make yourself at home.


Cooperate with us


In short Wroclaw Garage signifies people, place, technology. Together with our community, we want to implement specific actions, projects and activities.

People – an engaged community made up of Nokia experts, scientists, students, technology enthusiasts and business partners.

Place – almost 500 m2 of creative space for innovators to work, which consists of: Creative Zone, Makerspace and Lab.

Technology – access to the most advanced technology from Nokia to create solutions in the areas of Edge Cloud, 5G, IoT Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Do you have an idea for cooperation? Do you want to organize an event in our space or organize a project with us? If so – let us know!