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5G-Advanced: Expand and transform your connected world

What is 5G-Advanced?

5G-Advanced will bring out the richest capabilities of 5G over the coming decade, breaking down boundaries and expanding connectivity. From immersive extended reality (XR) experiences to high-precision location, presence and timing technologies, 5G-Advanced will profoundly transform what you can achieve with your network. AI/ML data collection and analytics coupled with introducing AI/ML technologies in CORE, RAN and network management is expected to bring many benefits, vital new levels of energy efficiency among them.

Through the 3GPP standards body, Nokia is in the process of making 5G-Advanced happen. The first release of the 5G-Advanced era, Release 18, is due in 2024.

5G-Advanced: Expanding 5G for the connected world

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P&S Intelligence predicts there will be over 1 billion XR users by 2030* driven partly by the surging adoption of 5G. Now is the time to get in on the action and start developing innovative services with 5G-Advanced.



Nishant Batra, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer

Four ways 5G-Advanced will transform our industry

Nishant Batra, our Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, kicks off an exciting new Nokia series exploring the ‘’Four E’s” of 5G-Advanced: Supporting new 5G experiences, expanding 5G into new use cases, extending 5G into new areas and boosting 5G operational excellence.

Webinar series with Nokia 3GPP experts

Bringing the ‘Four E’s’ to life

This is the first webinar in a series with Nokia 3GPP experts, painting a picture of 5G-Advanced’s radio and system architectures and providing a view of the upcoming 3GPP release schedule. Deep-dive into how 5G-Advanced is empowering the four E’s : Experience, expansion, extension and operational excellence.

19 January 2022 08:00 and 15:00 UTC

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Meet your webinar hosts

Yannick Lair

Yannick Lair

Head of 3GPP SA Delegation, Nokia

Antti Toskala

Antti Toskala

Head of RAN1 standardization, Nokia

Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker

Head of standardization RAN4, Nokia

Sari Nielsen

Sari Nielsen

Head of Standardization RAN2, RAN3 and RAN5, Nokia

How will 5G-Advanced improve monetization?

5G-Advanced is compatible with a broad diversity of connected devices beyond the smartphone, as new advanced features are introduced to enable a wide IoT ecosystem allowing low-cost and low-data rate connections. These connections can power always-on, automated, mission-critical applications with extremely low latency and pin-point accuracy. Together with upcoming network slicing innovations, 5G-Advanced is set to enable and expand many exciting new consumer and industrial use cases in 2025, and beyond.

Mobile XR and cloud gaming which both need short set-up times and power efficiency, making them available anywhere, anytime on compact devices with small batteries.

Industrial process monitoring and quality control demanding the frequent transaction of small data packets transmitted efficiently to support network performance.

5G connected tags for asset tracking requiring very low energy consumption – one day, these tags may even be able to harvest energy from their environment.

Autonomous vehicles, robots, drones and drone-mounted devices which will thrive with 5G-Advanced networks tailored to ensure reliable communications with base stations, without inferring with other users.

Indoor and outdoor positioning accuracy technologies using advanced new capabilities such as carrier phased positioning applied to signals emitted by 5G base-stations to locate connected devices, with centimeter-level accuracy.

Resilient timing services supporting everything from industrial automation to real-time financial transactions.

Smart wearable electronics with small form factor, long lasting batteries that demand efficiency.

Specialist industry applications across sectors from railways and utilities to public safety for example delivering next-generation signalling and communications for railways by adapting 5G to their allocated spectrum bandwidth, connecting next generation smart grids and powering ultra-connected and responsive blue-light services.

Keen to extract value from your 5G network?

This illuminating interview and live Q&A with Bell Labs Fellows Harri Holma and Antti Toskala shows you how.

How to extract value from your 5G network?

Sneak preview of 5G-Advanced content from 3GPP

Now the real work on 5G-Advanced begins

Now the real work on 5G-Advanced begins

A first real glimpse of 3GPP Release 18

A first real glimpse of 3GPP Release 18

The new core system architecture being shaped by 3GPP

The new core system architecture being shaped by 3GPP

How to increase capacity with eMBB

The pandemic changed how we all live and work resulting in vastly increased network loads. This blog explores how 5G-Advanced supports these exponentially increasing data demands, emerging extended reality applications, and industrial automation by enabling enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). Peter Merz, who leads Nokia Standards, and Mikael Rylander, the Technology Leadership Officer at Nokia, show how eMBB can transform experiences for all kinds of users on the move.


How 5G-Advanced will help quench the world’s growing thirst for capacity

On a journey to 6G

With the 5G-Advanced release of new standards, Nokia Bell Labs is already beginning the research work on 6G with the aim of making it commercially available by 2030. The 6G era will radically transform what a network can do, seamlessly fusing the digital, physical and human worlds to trigger extrasensory experiences. Intelligent knowledge systems will combine with robust computation capabilities to redefine how humans we live, work and take care of the planet.

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Towards 5G-Advanced

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Turning technology into innovation and growth

Explore how we are driving the development of global standards with inventor-friendly policies that will generate significant value and sustainable growth opportunities.

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