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Increase agility

Seize the 5G opportunity and deliver customer-centric services fast

Discover how to avoid “Complexity doomsday”

Enable automated digital operations for agility across the value chain

Telcos are facing a once in a lifetime opportunity with 5G. But to capture this value, the network needs to transform from a best effort engine providing simple services to a customer-centric, digital services hub. However, operational agility is THE major bottleneck for business growth.

This is not an overnight transformation for telcos as they will need to move from their current manual operations to automated, closed-loop process and ultimately to platform operations where they can package new vertical industry services from their ecosystem.

To make this agility happen, Nokia provides cloud-native network functions, an end-to-end digital operations platform and a 5G services ecosystem that helps service providers quickly enable on-the-go, highly customized digital services.

The Agile Mindset: Do You Have It?

How to get extraordinary value out of 5G with agile operations


Cloud-native network functions and operations automation, including DevOps, all help service providers be more agile. They enable on-the-go, highly customized digital services, underpinned by closed-loop, end-to-end service lifecycle management.

Our LightReading webinar is examining how 5G ecosystem operations and DevOps can contribute to significant revenue growth and reduce time-to-market.

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Why Nokia for operations?

We are the only vendor with a globally deployed, end-to-end portfolio that delivers the simplicity, security and agility needed by today’s service providers. By combining our network heritage and Bell Labs innovations with our software suite and global services, Nokia is the only vendor to address the end-to-end service lifecycle from create and deliver to operate and monetize.

Plus, we are rated #1 in AI, data and privacy protection, network performance optimization and innovation.

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