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Extend agility across the value chain with automated operations

Services in the 5G era will need to be created, customized, delivered and assured dynamically, frequently and on a massive scale. To capitalize on shifting customer and market demands, CSPs must also be able to respond in real time to the unexpected and unplanned. In every case, high levels of operational agility are needed from end to end, across all aspects of network and service operations. Otherwise, agility (or the lack of it) will become the major bottleneck for 5G revenue growth.

This isn’t an overnight transformation. But with an end-to-end digital operations platform, Nokia can help you gain the operational agility you need to launch and pilot new services faster and more cost-efficiently.

Why Nokia for operations?

Nokia is an automation forerunner and partner that CSPs can rely on during their transformation journey. We have the industry’s best and broadest set of solutions to automate network, service, and security operations. Our applied innovation and collective wisdom provides a credible pathway for CSPs to scale AI and automation. Nokia delivers proven business outcomes, offering CSPs a choice of flexible delivery and commercial models. We enable CSPs to boost productivity 100x fold; launch new services in minutes; deliver guaranteed quality; and automate the detection and resolution of cyber threats.

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