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Deliver intelligent, connected healthcare


5G can help to save lives, as the foundation of a modern healthcare service. High-resolution video consultations, assistance robots and smart wearables all help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments.

Of everything we are and everything we have; our health is the most valuable. Using connected healthcare technologies, it is possible for doctors to help more patients, with more targeted care, and more timely interventions. As video consultations, hospital robotics, and smart wearables become increasingly popular, 5G will be vital.

Improving patient outcomes with connected healthcare

Service providers can offer 5G to support use cases such as these:

  • High-definition video streams between connected ambulances and the hospital help paramedics to treat patients in transit, and hospitals to prepare for their arrival.
  • High-definition video can also be used for telemedicine, enabling communications between patients (especially in care homes) and doctors.
  • Smart wearables and sensors embedded in replacement joints enable more complete and more timely communications with doctors.
  • Robotics and automation in hospital campuses, enabled by private 5G networks, can be used to deliver prescriptions and guide patients.

The Nokia Future X Architecture for Healthcare provides a dedicated high-performance network to connect people, sensors, machines, and video monitors for better patient outcomes.


5G ensuring healthcare innovation

Guaranteed performance

Using network slicing, operators can guarantee bandwidth and low latency, to enable remote surgery and other performance-critical applications.

Ultra-wide bandwidth

Support high-resolution video streams using Mobile Broadband (eMBB) to help communications within the hospital, and to bring connected healthcare to rural communities.

Massive connectivity

5G supports a much higher density of connected devices, enabling patient monitoring and robotics applications across the entire hospital.

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