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What is the Core Network?


Our core is at the heart of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises, providing secure, unbreakable service across fixed, mobile and converged networks. It differentiates our customers, because the core provides or delivers all communication services.  

Why is the core so important? 

CSPs and Enterprises use the core in new ways. Until recently, the core delivered the same few services to everyone: connectivity, voice and messaging. Beginning with IMS and 4G, and increasingly with 5G, the core provides diverse services to everyone and everything. That service diversity drives hot topics regarding the core’s design, delivery and operations. ​

We invite you to explore our core’s hot topics. Or visit our Core Networks portfolio page to explore its products, solutions and services. ​

What are core’s hot topics?​

The core remarkably transformed over the past 25 years: fixed to mobile to converged, circuit to packet, monolithic to disaggregated to distributed, and physical to cloud to cloud-native. Each step altered the core. ​

CSPs and Enterprises want to embrace new technologies improving their services, operations and business outcomes. They can to that with today’s 5G Standalone Core, which is built in a webscale model with microservices, Service Based Architecture (SBA), and multi-cloud. The core’s newest step again transforms the core, consequently driving its hot topics including:​