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Open up a new era of data center networks


DC fabric
DC fabric

The days of data center networks and operations that lock you out from doing things the way you want are over

Recent events are driving the demand for distributed cloud-based applications and changing the way customers consume them. As a cloud builder, you’re faced with scaling your data centers to deliver distributed cloud applications. But current solutions lock you in to building data center networks their way with tools that limit how you operate them. 

On July 9th, the world of data center networking changed forever. Nokia launched a new Data Center Fabric solution and handed cloud builder networking teams a truly open network operating system (NOS) and a whole new NetOps toolbox. 

Nokia SR Linux is an open Linux-based NOS that gives you a flexible and consumable foundation to support data center networks at scale. And with the Nokia Fabric Services Platform, you get a declarative, intent-based toolkit to automate your data center network operations. So, you can manage data center growth and the accelerating demand for distributed cloud-based applications the way that best suits you.

The era of being locked out from doing things the way you want, need and dream is over. The future of data center networking is open — come take a look.

Basil Alwan

Watch our launch event and hear Basil Alwan, President of IP/Optical Networks at Nokia, describe how this next generation solution finally frees you to build, scale and operate data center networks with the openness and speed these remarkable times demand.

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Take the tour

3D virtual tour hosted by Rudy Hoebeke, VP of Product Management at Nokia and his team.

Take the tour

Tour the data center network of the future

Your data center network, built on your terms, your choices, your vision. Get inside how Nokia is opening up data center network operating systems and fabric automation. See the new Data Center Fabric solution in action.  Learn how our NOS and operations toolkit deliver the scale, robustness and automation modern data center environments need.

Switch to doing things your way forever

  • Dealing with the new normal: How the COVID-19 pandemic spiked a massive growth in distributed cloud applications and network traffic
  • Data center design challenges: Why scalability without complexity and cost is so hard to achieve
  • Closed choices for cloud builders: Explaining the urgency for a next generation data center networking approach
  • Elements of the new Data Center Fabric solution: Allowing rapid deployment, easy integration and confident operations at scale.
  • Opening up a new foundation: The difference delivered by SR Linux, a truly open, extensible and resilient NOS based on Linux
  • Declarative and intent-based by nature: How the Fabric Services Platform toolkit delivers automation at scale with real customization and full control
  • Features and benefits: New routes to scale, openness and automation examined

DC fabric ebook

Right now, cloud builder networking teams are solving age-old scale, operations and cost challenges with Nokia’s new era Data Center Fabric solution. Want to join them?

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What market leaders are saying

Adam Bechtel, VP and Networking Lead at Apple


“We regularly upgrade our data center equipment with technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Using Nokia's new system will enable better networking and routing capabilities in our Viborg, Denmark facility.”

Neil McRae, Chief Architect at BT Group

BT logo

“Nokia’s new data center fabric solution promises to provide full programmability with deep telemetry, along with a modern operational toolkit to drive the extreme automation and scaling of our telco cloud, which is critical to drive future 5G services.”

Richard Petrie, CTO and Executive Director, LINX

LINX logo

“Nokia's approach of bringing a new level of robustness and creativity to disaggregated data center networks is very much needed. We are pleased to see established vendors like Nokia stepping into the game in a big way."

Muhammad Durrani, Senior Director of Network Architecture at Equinix

Equinix logo

“We’re pleased to see Nokia getting into the data center networking space and applying rigor to developing a next-generation open and easily extensible data center network operating system.”  

Mark van Teunenbroek, Managing Director at

Team blue logo

“The network visibility and openness of Nokia’s SR Linux platform would give us the automation we need to grow and scale our operations for many years to come. We look forward to trialing Nokia’s new solution in our data centers.”

Elif Yenihan, Core and Access Planning Director at Turkcell

Turkcell logo

“For our data center operations we need maximum agility with maximum confidence. Nokia’s approach is well positioned, and we are pleased to partner with Nokia to drive ease of operations for rapid deployment, extreme adaptability, and absolute resiliency at scale.”

Nokia announces generational step in data center networking 

Experts unpack the toolbox

How cloud builder networking teams can plan, design and build for open.

Bruce Wallis, Director of Product Management, outlines the model-driven approach that powers our SR Linux.

Watch now

Bruce Wallis

Phanidhar Koganti

What do our smart new intent-based fabric and workload automation tools mean for you?

Phanidhar Koganti, Senior Director of Product Management, takes you under the hood of our Fabric Services Platform automation toolkit.  

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What’s different about our new data center routers?

Jeff Jakab, Director of Hardware Product Management, shows you our latest data center networking hardware.

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Jeff Jakab

What industry analysts are saying

Alan Weckel, Founding Analyst at 650 Group

650 logo

"Nokia has combined its proven routing software with a totally open and easily extensible foundation to offer a new NOS, automation platform and data center switches that address the new needs of hyperscalers such as unlimited scale, agility, and AI.” 

Brad Casemore, Research VP, Datacenter Networks at IDC

IDC logo

“Nokia is responding to the needs of cloud builders with a data center fabric that features a modular, microservices-based SR Linux NOS and the Nokia Fabric Service Platform, which allows for declarative, intent-based automation and closed-loop network operations, helping to ensure that the network takes its place as an integral component of the software-defined data center.”

Virtual Open House

Watch our latest webinar, and discover a fresh approach to open data center networking at scale. 

See how we’re flipping the switch for NetOps via the top use cases we’re working on.

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DC Fabric open house

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