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Automate at scale with Nokia Fabric Services System

Transform data center network agility with declarative, intent-based automation

The Fabric Services System is designed for the intent-based automation of all phases of data center fabric operations, giving your data center networking team all the confidence, efficiency, agility and control they crave. Based on an open Kubernetes framework, all fabric services use a distributed microservices approach to deliver a true cloud-native automation and operations platform.

The platform also provides a digital sandbox that is a true emulation of the data center fabric, creating a virtual digital twin of the live production network. This emulates a data center fabric and application workloads and can emulate Day 0 design, Day 1 deployment and Day 2+ operations such as operation, fabric change management and troubleshooting.

What does fabric automation mean to you?

Phanidar Koganti

Phanidhar Koganti, Senior Director of Product Management takes you under the hood of our Fabric Services System toolkit.

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Fabric Services System Architecture

Fabric Services System Architecture

The benefits of the Fabric Services System

Fabric intent (as code)

The platform represents ‘fabric as code’. All the intent and configuration state of the data center fabric are represented in a declarative way in YAML format, laying a strong foundation for the continuous integration and deployment of network infrastructure and supporting the move towards ‘infrastructure as code’.

Fabric observability

Fabric observability combines telemetry and data collected from the fabric to monitor and provide visibility into data center east-west and north-south traffic. The Fabric Services System enables a cloud-native, highly distributed collector architecture and offers a GUI to visualize key network utilization, availability and workload performance data. That means your operators can quickly understand the state of the fabric and the workloads running over it. 

Fabric operations

The Fabric Services System combines design intent with all the telemetry data collected from the fabric. It then presents the data in a context relevant to the operational task. These contextual views, combined with the digital sandbox, enable your operations team to deliver agility with confidence.

Fabric integrations

Enjoy a flexible, cloud-native approach for faster external integration into your data center and cloud environments. It integrates tightly with your compute or storage resources or in-house operational tools and easily into your cloud environments in a loosely coupled way within a standard Kubernetes framework.

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