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Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)

Improving operational efficiency, sustainability, and customer service

Higher efficiency, productivity, and business continuity

Our 5G private wireless network provides rich communications, like high-definition video and real-time data, and pervasive connectivity giving MRO organizations the ability to see and share in real-time what is happening with their operations. MROs can connect technicians, engineers, vendors and consultants whenever and wherever needed for virtual/remote table inspections, consults and more. Pervasive, high-bandwidth secure communication provides MROs with more control over quality, provides tools to maintain business continuity, and provides a runway for higher efficiency and productivity.

Bring the benefits of 5G and private wireless to your maintenance operation:

  • Connect remote operations site to site with high definition video for table inspections, consultations and more.
  • Ensure business continuity, reduce delays and costs associated with frequent travel to maintenance sites
  • Help meet carbon-neutral and sustainability goals.
  • Eliminate poor handover and video buffering and equipment interference common to Wi-Fi
  • Implement your private wireless network with simple plug-and-play connectivity for your current operations

At the Forefront of 5G: Virtual table inspection

Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

The Future X for industries architecture provides the tools you need to build a network that’s ready for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. It provides a platform for using new technologies to streamline your operations and unleash the next generation of aviation services.

  • Boost connectivity with an ultra-secure, high-performance broadband network to cover every inch of your MRO operation
  • Connect everything from personnel to sensors to video cameras and automated systems
  • Reduce costs, supporting new and existing services on one robust communications network
  • Improve processes and efficiency with real-time data, analytics and automation

Future X architecture infographic

Cyber security

Protect your networks and operations from cyberattacks with our end-to-end security solutions

Integrated Nokia Industrial user equipment

Nokia Industrial ruggedized devices offer video and audio communication as well as connections for automated vehicles and most used applications.

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